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I really had to think twice about posting this, since the best thing would be to ignore it as noise. But then I realized, it’s so off-base, so “out there” it must be an attempt at humor!

DM News, in an apparent attempt to milk the antagonizing insights from Dave Pasternack, published a Q/A with him today on the reactions to his SEO rocket science articles. Here’s one golden nugget of humor from the interview:

“…. if the web team consistently follows the rules when putting up new content, then no “fixing” or “tweaking” is necessary. Plus if the content is great, with some marketing, it will get inbound links just as Larry [Paige] and Sergey [Brin] at Google calculated.”

So, ongoing SEO and link building is relegated to “great content” and “some marketing”. That’s it! That’s all you need! Wow, SEO firms and client companies world wide will be so happy to hear that. LOL

Now agencies can stop spending all those hours per month for clients managing SEO implementation, template optimization, URL rewrites, refining keyword targeting via content, promoting client content editorially, optimizing and distributing press releases, fixing the overwrites of the SEO agency optimization suggestions, creating viral linking campaigns, training in-house marketers on writing optimized copy, conducting back link analysis on competition and soliciting links, blog marketing, social media creation and promotion, conversion analysis, integration with other marketing channels, search engine web analytics, everything!

Thanks to insight from Dave Pasternack, SEO agencies can throw in the towel and clients will be successful in the natural search results purely based on “great content” and “some marketing”. Now I know why Dave’s company moved away from SEO to all PPC six years ago. The lack of results from “some marketing” must have been embarrassing!

Another pearl of wisdom from the interview:

“I would do a Google search for the term “search engine optimization” and run away from any company which can’t even get themselves into the top five organic results.”

Again, well thought out advice Dave. The top five listings (currently) for “search engine optimization” on Google include:

  1. Wikipedia
  2. Submit Express (SEO firm)
  3. SEO Chat (forum)
  4. Bruce Clay (Search marketing agency)
  5. Google’s webmaster guidelines

So I guess that means Submit Express and Bruce Clay should get ready to handle all the SEO needs of the planet Earth, because according to Dave, anyone not in the top five Google search results possess such little reputation that companies should “run away” from them. Oh my. I wonder if anyone thinks he’s actually serious about this stuff?

Of course, at the end of the interview there’s a plug to use agencies with their own bid management tools. Interesting. Dave works for/founded a PPC agency that has their own bid management tool. If this isn’t an attempt at humor, it’s pretty clear what the motivation is for most of the nonsensical comments about SEO.

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  1. “How do you get rich?”

    Simple! All you need is a lot of money.

  2. LOL. I was wondering if anyone else would jump on this. I just gave my own opinions. Would this guy shut up already? 😉

  3. Avatar Jim Turner says

    I wish I had that rule book he speaks of!

  4. You know they say that laughing does keep one young…

  5. Interestingly, a search for “paid search” or “ppc management” doesn’t show Did-it in either the natural or paid slots on the first page. 🙂

    I know it’s tempting to keep following Pasternack, but really, this is just about a company that no longer gets any press, so is keeping this conversation on life-support, in order to get some much needed publicity.

    And if anyone knows how to use sensationalism to get a story, it’s me. 😉

  6. Yeah, I agree it’s time to put this to bed.

  7. Dave and his partner know exactly what they’re doing. It’s even funnier when you think about it: A company that used to use spammy optimization tactics that is now doing PPC starts to bash overall SEO. With a frog as a company mascot no less!

    Thanks for stopping by Meg 🙂

  8. Avatar ebuzzmaster says

    Maybe Dave’s thinking that if he is controversial he’ll get some great inbound links? Oh, wait… Link baiting would be an SEO technique, wouldn’t it?

  9. More humor on this topic for you Lee:

    My SEO Cake
    Describes to Mr. Pasternack what an SEO cake actually looks like.

  10. I just read that Dustin, very good metaphor. 🙂


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