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My 5 Favorite Blog Plugins

It seems that every week I find a new and exciting WordPress plugins. There are literally hundreds out there and many that are still un-discovered.

Wordpress PluginI thought I’d take the time to post my 5 favorite blog plugins in hopes that you might find some useful ones. I’d also like to hear your top five so I can discover some new favorites.

Thomas’ Top 5 WordPress Plugins ~ In No Particular Order

Optimal Title
– This re-arranges your blogs title page to be [post name ] – [blog name] which is good for SEO.

– Automatically create blog post descriptions. Or write your own.

Live Search
– Update your search box to show results as the user types.

Subscribe to Comments
– Keep the commenters informed with email updates to posts they commented on.

Vipers Video Quick Tags
– Easily embed YouTube, GoogleVideo or other media formats to your blog.

There are so many more that I haven’t mentioned but I wanted to keep the list short and sweet. I also left out Akismet (spam protection) as it’s almost a given.

So what is your top five? You don’t have to post WordPress plugins. If you use MovableType, or other blogging software, feel free to share your favorites too.

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  1. Avatar Joe Williams says:

    I will have to checkout the ‘Live Search’ one.

    And just to be different…

    – Dagon Design Sitemap Generator
    – Filosofo Home-Page Control
    – Feedburner Feed Replacement
    – Google Sitemaps
    – WP-Sociable

  2. i agree, the amount of plugins is mind-boggling. if you can conceive of a plugin you need, just search and it’s likely there’s at least 2 versions. a few other notable mentions I use are:

    – rate my stuff
    – related posts generator
    – most popular posts

  3. Not a plugin but a nice small button showing how popular your blos is at

  4. I love WordPress plugins as well! I have Optimal Title installed now and I have about fifty saved on my hard drive – all ready to be used at some point! Thanks for pointing out the others… I’m going to have to go and download them for my plugin collection.

  5. Avatar Most Wanted Wordpress Plugins says:

    You Can Read More Popular WordPress Plugins…..From This Blog

  6. Great post! A bit behind the times, I’m only just recently taking the time to fully explore the blogosphere and am thinking of starting my own blog soon, and these sound like very helpful tools. Thanks!

  7. I’ll throw in that I like SimpleTags for Technorati use. What I’m trying to find now is anything that will help get my site indexed by technorati and other engines, and I’m coming up blank. IF anyone has anything, please email me. 🙂


  8. Avatar Thomas McMahon says:

    Thanks for all the suggestions.

    Joe – I have tried Dragon Design Sitemap Generator. I like it, yet it almost seems like overkill. Feedburner Feed Replacement is a good one to have along with the Google Sitemaps.

    ianmack – Related posts are always good plugins to have. I’ll have to check out the specific one you mentioned along with the popular posts one.

    Josh – Just ping Technorati to get into Texchnorati. That’s it. Creating tags in your posts help along with creating a profile and claiming your blog over there too.