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Monday Links 012207

Bill Slawski’s lowdown on the Google Onebox Patent Application

V7n Contextual ads launches to rival ReviewMe and Pay Per Post

2000 Bloggers – and I thought our list of 330+ search marketing blogs was ambitious

Elite Retreat San Francisco announced

Wize gets $4m in funding

Reader Poll Roundup

reader poll

We’ve been running polls the past month and I thought I’d share the results. Below are the past 4 polls we’ve run along with the number of respondents and the top 5 responses for each.

What do you like most about your search marketing job? (67)

  • You are truly appreciated for your expertise and contributions (21%)
  • The client projects are fun, interesting, challenging (19%)
  • Flexible hours, work from home or office (18%)
  • It���s all about the money (10%)
  • Fun atmosphere/environment at work (10%)

Money made a run for it early, but this one was nearly a tie between being appreciated, fun and interesting projects and flexibility.

What is your favorite marketing conference? (56)

  • Search Engine Strategies (46%)
  • WebmasterWorld Pubcon (27%)

Small Business Marketing Book

My blogging and marketing friend, John Jantsch has been providing practical marketing advice to businesses large and small long before I ever started blogging. Actually, it was in part because of John that I started contributing to and Business Blog Consulting.

John has long been a trailblazer at using blogs as a marketing tool via Duct Tape Marketing blog and I will readily admit, I have watched John for quite a while to learn his methods of blog promotion. A marketer’s marketer, John’s advice has been highly valuable as we’ve grown our small business.

Many small businesses find the task of marketing a difficult one and it’s that challenge that led John to write his new book, “Duct Tape Marketing ‚Äì The World‚Äôs Most Practical Small Business Marketing Guide”. John recently sent me a review copy and I thought I’d share a brief description of it.

Search Marketing Blogs Update 0119087

Thanks to Amie for helping with this list of blogs we’ve been collecting and reviewing this week (and some from last week). This latest round of blogs have also been added to the big list of search engine marketing blogs.

  • Rothman Marketing Blog – Israel Rothman writes about internet advertising.
  • SEM Clubhouse – Christine Churchill, Jim Gilbert, Mike Churchill & Jeff Martin from KeyRelevance’s blog about search.
  • WebConnoisseur – Dustin Woodard‚Äôs thoughts on search, web analytics and the web in general.
  • Charlotte Internet Marketing – Keith Schilling’s Big Brush Media Blog.
  • PPC Blog – UK PPC specialist Dan Sharp offers news, articles, discussions, and all things pay per click.
  • Web Professor – Scott Horne’s take on online media.

Lawyers Cost Money But SEO is Free?

An attorney from a prominent, 200 lawyer firm calls me up (message) saying he’s been referred by two very credible sources. And they are exceptionally credible. Most of the time when this happens, it’s a law firm looking for internet marketing services. In fact, earlier in the day another local law firm called about exactly that.

Anyway, this attorney and I play phone tag and we finally connect. He wants to have me come to his office and speak with their ecommerce/technology group and talk about Google advertising. He asks if I can sit in on an informal lunch and ask me questions about search marketing. Just for an hour or so.

There’s an awkward silence.

Social Bookmark Tool Updated

The super popular social bookmarks tool that Thomas created last year has recently been updated. We’ve been keeping him exceptionally busy with “client projects that are fun, interesting, challenging” for quite a while, but he was still able to sneak in a quick update and added several social news and bookmarking services.

New services added:

  • Google Reader
  • Diigo
  • Netscape
  • DZone
  • Squidoo
  • Looklater
  • RecommendzIt
  • Segnalo
  • StumbleUpon
  • Mr. Wrong

Several of these should have been added a long time ago, but hey, we’re busy helping clients. 🙂

If you’ve used the TopRank social bookmarks tool in the past, you may want to “freshen up” your links with Google, Netscape and StumbleUpon. Hint hint.

As a reminder here are the distinguishing features:

Search Marketing Tidbits 011907

You like sports? You like travel? Check out Fan with a plan.

Coremetrics is launching big updates including: [update] Sorry, I can’t mention the things Coremetrics is launching because their PR firm pitched me with information that they did not want published. And no, I was not under any embargo. Note to Lewis PR: get up to speed on pitching bloggers asap or it could be a lot more embarrassing than this.

[update #2] First, I’ll never edit a blog post twice – again. Second, Lewis PR emailed a nice apology and said their team was so excited about promoting their client that a mistake was made in the pitch or something to that effect.
[Post Script] Please, please PR firms across the globe, just make the effort to understand pitching blogs is not the same as pitching journalists/MSM!

Digg Funnels and Made for Digg Sites

Cameron Olthius recently posted about the rise of “made for digg” sites, a phrase coined by Ethan Kaplan, who points out Knuttz as an example. Alister Cameron looked into the Knuttz site and gives a breakdown of how this site funnels visitors in such a way to encourage digg votes.

Knuttz is basically a blog that shows clever photographs and interestingly enough, has had 14 stories hit the front page of digg in about the past two weeks.

Alister speculates whether Knuttz might be gaming digg or not and makes some interesting observations. Knuttz creates a “digg funnel” by adding a solicitation from each photo detail page to a specific page which has the familiar digg vote badge on it.

6 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Blog Software Updated

Since TopRank does quite a bit of blog consulting and we’re responsible for the maintenance of several employee blogs as well as most of our client blogs, the importance of keeping blog software updated is very close to home.

Recently there were a number SEO blogs that were defaced due to an exploit though older versions of WordPress. It’s a hard lesson to learn, but I bet those bloggers will be sure to keep their versions of WordPress up to date. Below are 6 reasons anyone with a blog should keep up to date:

  1. Security. Much like web browsers, hackers are always looking for a way in. Keeping up to date on the latest software will help protect you from those that seem to have to much time on their hands.

Reader Poll: What makes you love your SEO job?

reader poll

It’s pretty common knowledge that talented SEO professionals are in high demand. Agencies, companies and businesses that would not normally offer search marketing as a service are looking for SEO, SEM, copywriting, analytics and coding professionals. As a result, companies are offering a variety of enticements or perks to attract and keep quality individuals.

If you are a search marketing professional, (management, acct management, production, support) What are the perks or benefits that make you the most satisfied with your job? Note, this is not what attracts you to change jobs, but what are those perks that make you want to stay, even the oddball reasons.

What do you like most about your search marketing job?

  • The client projects are fun, interesting, challenging (24%, 18 Votes)

Links Are Like Money

A lot of people on the internet understand that links are an important part of being found in search engines, what they don’t understand is that some links are more valuable than others.

Jane from SEOMoz came up with a great way to say it.

“Some links are Benjamins. Some are Washingtons. Some are pennies that, even after a year, a whole collection of them will only get you a couple of bucks at CoinStar. It isn’t hard to tell the difference.”

World Wide Web Dollar
So to elaborate a bit lets take a look at a few examples.

Any link exchanges, or sites that except any links no matter what, are pennies. You can do as many as you want, and you can find them pretty much everywhere, bu they aren’t going to do you a lot of good.

Top 5 Ways SEO Agencies and Clients Piss Each Other Off

Communication is key in business relationships as much as it is in personal relationships. Most of the disappointments that often happen in client/agency relationships have to do with faults in communication. Not being able to empathize with another’s perspective can make things troublesome pretty quickly.

Below are some real and some tongue in cheek considerations for why SEO firm and client relationships can get shaky:

Top 5 Ways SEO Agencies Piss Off Their Clients:

  1. Agency over promises and under delivers
  2. Agency uses tricks and gets client site penalized by search engines
  3. SEO techie insults client side account manager on lack of knowledge about topics such as latent semantic indexing and not knowing the name of the last Google update