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Replace Performancing stats with Feedburner’s StandardStats

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If you didn’t hear, Performancing’s blog stats are no longer. They sold that part of the company to PayPerPost and PayPerPost returned it. Now no one is taking care of the stats and it’s been closed.

So my first thought was, what do I replace it with? Google Analytics is great, but a bit overwhelming for most people. Mint is one of my favorite stats packages, but costs $30 and I wanted something free for now. Who doesn’t? That’s when I saw Feedburner’s StandardStats.

Feedburner LogoStandardStats will track and report on blog visitors, inbound traffic, browser usage, OS usage, outbound clicks and much more. I just installed it and I’m waiting for my stats to come poring in.

With Feedburner’s track record with feed stats, I have high hopes for StandardStats. Only time will tell though. Give me a week or two and I’ll report back with my findings. If you’ve been using StandardStats, let us know what you think.


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  1. I had a look at StandardStats just yesterday but in the end decided against it.

    Google’s analytics are more than enough for me at present, and I have to log-in to Google for my feedreader anyway.

    Although I too am interested to know how they rate.

  2. Google Analytics are nice too and I run both. StandardStats gives me quick and simple information. Google gives me in-depth stuff. So far StandardStats seems quite nice.

  3. Interesting. I’ve been using FeedBurner for ages, but I wasn’t aware that you could also use it on your blog.

    I’m currently using Google Analytics, but have been playing around with Firestats, which is very nice (and completely free)


  4. Firestats looks great and ties into WordPress. I’ll have to check into that one a bit more.