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TopRank Weekly Recap 012707

Here is a list of the week’s blog posts on Online Marketing Blog focusing on SEO, blogging and business of search marketing.

SEMPO Board of Directors Nominees (Lee) – Voting begins Feb 6.

Search Marketing Blogs Update 012607 (Lee) – 18 new search marketing blogs added this week. We’re now at 350 and Todd Malicoat added a new CSE.

Friday Search News 012507 (Lee) – Googlebombs, Interviews with Bruce Clay and Marissa Meyer of Google.

Content vs Links (Lee) – This debate is missing the most critical concept: distribution.

The Lowdown on Web Designers and SEO (Lee) – Why your web designer didn’t make your site search engine friendly.

Recommendations for Collaboration Software (Lee) – Looking for tips on cross platform hosted email and calendar software.

Blogging in Different Languages (Thomas) – Software for publishing your blog in multiple languages from our blog expert.

Yahoo Adds Quality Index to Search Marketing Ads (Lee) – Yahoo stepping closer to Google AdSense features.

Gain Client Support for Successful Search Marketing (Karen) – After you’ve made the sale, you still need to sell internal stakeholders from our superstar account manager Karen.

SEO Secrets for Better Public Relations (Lee) – Online seminar for public relations agencies on SEO and PR.

Good SEO Humor (Lee) – PPC firm founder embarrasses himself yet again.

Lessons Learned About Blogging (Lee) – Three years of blogging and all I got was more friends and a successful business!

Monday Links 012207 (Lee) – Google Onebox patent, Elite Retreat San Francisco, V7N Contextual ads.

Reader Poll Roundup (Lee) – Excellent info from the reader polls we’ve been running in January. It’s appreciation, not money that motivates search marketing workers.

Small Business Marketing Book (Lee) – My pal John Jantsch announces his new book, Duct Tape Marketing.

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