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Tuesday Search Tidbits

Wordtracker now offers a free keyword research tool – hat tip to SEOBook. Remember “hat tips” all you selfish, link hoarding bloggers out there? (no, I do NOT mean Aaron)

Yahoo Site Explorer adds new features

Andy and Jeremy, back and forth, back and forth about MBL. This is a good example of a blog post that is not well thought out before posting (on the part of Jeremy Zawodny). Using the word “spamming” and Andy Beal’s name in the blog post title was flat out lame, whether there was an objection to Andy’s contest or not.

Mike Moran on making a business case for search marketing

Serph’s up at ACS – new social media search tool – I hope to do a review of this later in the week

Blog optimization tips and plugins from SoloSEO

The SMO SMM crowd says no to “linkbaiting” as a moniker

Interview with Greg Hartnett of BOTW

Manoj Jasra does a podcast interview with Bill Slawski

From the dark side: “link laundering” at least it’s old school dark side

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  1. And here is the FREE keyword tool from Keyword Discovery.


  2. I use keyword discovery. Think its a great program for SEO professionals.

    I saw a new feature on site explorer that is a link badge showing how many links your page has and is a badge you can place on your site. Hmm is yahoo attempting link bait?



  1. […] I just picked up Bluehatseo via the Lee Odden’s blog, and my only disappointment was that I’m just finding this blog now. Many of his techniques aren’t appropriate for Judy’s Book, but he is clearly a critical thinker and very, very smart. I found myself looking much more critically at a number of our approaches as a result. A few of my favorites: […]