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Minneapolis High Rankings Seminar

If you’re one of the bazillion people that get Jill Whalen’s High Rankings Advisor newsletter, then you already know, but in case you don’t, here’s the scoop in the upcoming High Rankings Seminar coming to Minneapolis next month:

Since there hasn’t been a “how to” SEO/SEM seminar in Minneapolis anytime recently, we wanted to make sure everyone in the Twin Cities web development and marketing community had the chance to hear about and sign up for the High Rankings Seminar.  So Jill has agreed to extend the early bird discount ($200 off) for registrations placed by February 22nd.

We’ve reached out and connected with a variety of local organizations to promote the event including:  MIMA, local AMA, local DMA, IABC, MHTA, JJ Hill Library, NAWBO and several others with a great response.

Unlike other SEO/SEM related conferences, the High Rankings Seminar is based on a sequence of sessions, each building upon the previous session. Topics range from technical issues to keyword research, copywriting, usability, social media, blogs, online PR, pay per click and web analytics.

The seminar also includes a full day workshop with practical, hands on and actionable advice that allows attendees to get specific questions answered about their own web sites or web marketing projects.  The seminar is kept small, so there is a small instructor to attendee ratio and there are ample networking opportunities as well.

Another difference between the High Rankings seminar and other search marketing related conferences is that the people presenting are not only leading subject matter experts, but they are also excellent trainers.   They are not there to sell you anything other than how to use powerful SEO and PPC strategies and tactics. Instructors include:  Jill Whalen, Christine Churchill, Scottie Claiborne, Matt Bailey and Karon Thackston. I’ll be joining for the Minneapolis seminar.

Does it seem like I’m being awfully enthusiastic about promoting this seminar? Yes it does. I’m very motivated to promote something that has such a practical impact on advancing SEO and PPC knowledge in our market. The more marketers that can appreciate the unique knowledge and expertise it takes to excell in this industry, the more successful our local search marketing community will be.

For readers of Online Marketing Blog, we’ve been able to make it even easier to attend. There’s a 25% discount if you register and use the code TOPRANK.

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  1. Thanks, Lee. We’re really looking forward to coming to Minneapolis with the seminar! See you in March…


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    […] Lee Odden of TopRank Blog will show participants just how he gets such incredible rankings for his web sites and those of his clients. Lee talks about the seminar here. […]

  3. […] When this event came to Minneapolis Jill asked me to do a session related to social media and other indirect ways to drive traffic to web sites. I had the opportunity to see Jill, Christine Churchill, Karon Thackston, Scottie Claiborne and Matt Bailey do a super job of engaging the audience with their hard won wisdom and answering very specific questions. I had another invite for Denver, but two events in one month are enough for me. At the Denver High Rankings event, the speakers include a very talented crew: Jill Whalen, Christine Churchill, Karon Thackston, Jenniver Laycock, Scottie Claiborne and Mike Churchill. You can register here and Online Marketing Blog readers will get a special 25% discount when you use the TOPRANK promotion code. […]