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Search Marketing Blogs Update 020907

Here we are again with this week’s additions to the big list of search engine marketing blogs. Of course the OPML file and plain text file have been updated as well.  Enjoy!

  • RSS Ray – Offers articles on internet marketing and also hosts an online radio show.
  • TMA E-Marketing blog – Minnesota search marketing firm blogs about all aspects of marketing online.
  • In Search of Stuff – Humorous look at the search marketing industry by Scottie Claiborne and Michael Motherwell.
  • Alibi Productions Blog – Drew Stauffer’s blog about marketing online.
  • Startuplay – A guide to China internet marketing written by Sergey Mirkin, a Russian born, Silicon Valley educated fellow living in China.
  • Search Insider – Media Post’s group blog on search marketing.

FeedBurner StandardStats Review

I’ve been testing out FeedBurners StandardStats package and it’s a great start for a free stats program. The data seem to be online with Google Analytics and the look and feel is great for the non-techie person.

StandardStats Screen Shot 1

Starting off, the setup is easy. Just log into your FeedBurner account and activate StandardStats. One click of the button and your done with step one. The next step is to implement the code on your site and I think it could be easier.

Currently, you choose your blogging platform from the dropdown and it gives you the code to add to your template. It tells you where to put it but I think it’s a bit much for average users. For example, you have to put the code in the post-meta loop. Everyone knows where that is right?

FB StandardStats Plugin Does FeedFlare!

When I built the FB StandardStats plugin I built it to make it easy to add in the necessary code to get the new StandardStats up and running. People mentioned that it worked with FeedFlare but it didn’t hit me until today how cool this plugin really was!

“FeedFlare allows publishers to easily build ‘interactivity’ into the content they create, making it simple for subscribers to tag, email or share their content with others. Publishers can include a variety of services including a live display of the number of comments to each post, the ability to email the author directly and show the number of blogs that link to their item. Publishers can choose to include FeedFlare within the feed itself as well as on their blog or site.”

Measuring Search Marketing Success


I was recently taking a survey from Jupiter or ClickZ (I don’t recall which) and one of the questions asked about measurement of success for search marketing. While a lot of what you hear from search marketers involves talk about fundamentals ranging from links to rankings to visitors and conversions, the answers offered in this survey included a pretty interesting mix:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Building buzz
  • Search share of voice
  • Improving brand favorability
  • Increasing intent to purchase
  • Maintaining brand exposure alongside competitors
  • Engagement with rich media (i.e. video, animation)
  • Engagement with photo galleries, social features, interactive calendars, local or destination information
  • Maximizing value of sponsorships, celebrity endorsements
  • Online purchase
  • Lifetime revenue per user
  • Profit per user

National Pork Board Does the Right Thing

It’s amazing what a social network, highly visible blogs and level headed communication can do.

The National Pork Board has apologized for the aggressive comments in the cease and desist against our search marketing friend, Jennifer Laycock and her Lactivist Blog’s use of “The other white milk” on t-shirts for sale that raise money for Mother’s Milk Bank.

You can however, now buy a NPB approved t-shirt that says, “Breast, the other white milk.” The employees at the NPB are also conducting a fundraising drive for Mother’s Milk Bank. Well done NPB!

This is a great example of a community rallying to a good cause and also of a large organization responding in a win win manner.

Rand Fishkin and his Super Proposal

Rand finally pulled the trigger and proposed to Geraldine, aka “Mystery Guest” through a commercial during her favorite show, Veronica Mars last night. While it wasn’t during the Super Bowl as was planned and hoped, I personally think this route was a lot better.

It was an interesting thing keeping this under wraps considering there was so much PR ala Greg Jarboe, Jamie O’Donnel and Joe Morin going on. In fact, because our posts on Online Marketing Blog about the super bowl proposal, and then the update rank highly for “super proposal”, we received a lot of referral traffic from Google when the commercial didn’t appear during the Super Bowl and were looking for it on the web.

What’s Your Banana Name?

No stranger to either online marketing or a sense of humor, Ed Kohler has a pretty fun project in the works called Banana Name where he’s writing names of blogs/sites on bananas and posting to the site,

Here’s the post he did for OMB.

In a strange way, this reminds me of Chris Pirillo’s “rent my chest” efforts, which started out with Ponzi writing ads literally on Chris’s chest. I suspect that became impractical and evolved into the more automatic version linked above.

Let’s hope Ed “keeps it real” with the bananas, which, he has a LOT of. Check it out.

Wednesday Search Industry Links 020707

Eric Ward posts a wish list for Google’s new link analysis tools for sale

Reprise Media Super Bowl Study

Social Media Newsroom – SHIFT (This is cool and all, but our PR firm has been offering blog enabled media/news rooms with multi-media support for nearly 2 years)

Free Nexus blog at

AdSense pays more for referrals

Easy Social Media Optimization via Photos

BloggerDesign iPhotoIn case you haven’t noticed, social media optimization (SMO) is the new big search marketing term. I think you’ll be hearing a lot about it this year and thought I’d give you an easy tip to get started.

First thing you need to know is what social media optimization is. Basically, it’s just getting exposure and traffic from social media sites like Digg,, MySpace and many others. For a more in depth explanation, check out the new rules for social media optimization.

What I’d like to share with you is one extremely easy way to get some social media exposure. It’s as easy as photo sharing.

Using photo sharing sites to host the images you use in your blog posts will give your site added exposure on other sites. Some photo sharing sites to check out include Zooomr, PhotoBucket and Flickr.

Down but not out and lessons learned

Some of our regular readers may have noticed that Online Marketing Blog was not available for about 26 hours this week. We were informed after calling our hosting company, that the site was under attack by hundreds locations sending unresolvable requests or a denial of service attack. The host shut the site down without telling us as it was on a shared server and the increased traffic was affecting other web sites.

After numerous attempts to get access to our data with ambiguous responses from our host, we finally decided to change hosts. I planned to do this on Friday night so DNS propagation would occur over the weekend. But the hosting company was not able to do anything to resolve the situation in the short term so we made the call to change hosts with more support resources asap.

FeedBurner StandardStats Plugin Update

FB StandardStats UpdateThe past few days have been great for the FB StandardsStats plugin. Not only have I been in communication with the FeedBurner folks, it also got mentioned on the FeedBurner buzz blog. That gave the plugin some great exposure and uncovered a few bugs. It’s since been updated and re-packaged and FB StandardStats 1.0b is now available.

The biggest update is how the plugin displays the FeedBurner code. It seems that I was showing it not only on blog posts, but also in the feed. This could cause issues and confusion with feeds burned at FeedBurner. So I added a few lines of extra code to ensure that it only adds the StandardStats code in the browser version of posts and not in the feeds.

SEO Seminar Minneapolis

Renowned search engine optimization expert, Jill Whalen of High Rankings is bringing her traveling SEO experts roadshow to Minneapolis this coming March 15th and 16th. I am honored to say that Jill has asked me to participate in the training as well.

The Minneapolis High Rankings Seminar will feature some of the most experienced and talented search marketing trainers, most of which have spoken at major conferences such as Search Engine Strategies:

  • Jill Whalen – High Rankings
  • Scottie Claiborne – Successful-Sites
  • Matt Bailey – Site Logic Marketing
  • Christine Churchill – KeyRelevence
  • Karon Thackston – Marketing Words
  • Lee Odden – TopRank

Topics to be covered in the two day seminar include:

  • Search Engine Optimization Overview
  • Technical Design Issues