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Search Marketing Blogs Update 020207

Here we are again with this week’s update to the big list of Search Engine Marketing Blogs. For anyone maintaining their own Google custom search engine using blogs on this list, here is a plain text file list that should make it easy for you to update. The OPML file has also been updated throughout the week as new blogs are added to the queue.

This week’s additions:

  • SEOrefugee – Web designer/developer James Cook and Skitzzo blog uniquely about SEO and offers a few SEO cartoons from time to time.
  • Gray Hat Search Engine News – excellent SEO humor is offered up by Chris Ridings and Gurtie.
  • eBuzzMaster – Personal blog of self proclaimed SEO geek, Meg Walker, from Network Solutions covering online advertising, search marketing and SEO.
  • Net Business Blog – Matt Coddington writes about affiliate marketing, CPA, PPC, SEO/SEM, eBooks, domaining and web development.
  • Bill Hartzer – Bill has redone his site and blogs about a wide variety of topics ranging from the search marketing industry to linking to monetizing web site content.
  • Improve the Web – Yuri Filimonov, of Novosibirsk, Russia blogs about SEO, usability, web design, copywriting and more.
  • searchsandbox – Jeff Raab blogs all about pay per click marketing.
  • Baron VC – Sam Baron writes about social media.

I am particularly interested in blogs that are written by in-house SEO/SEM marketers, so if that’s you, please link to the big list of SEM blogs so you can get on our radar and reviewed/included. Comments of value on our blog posts is another way to get noticed.

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  1. Lee, I appreciate the inclusion into the list. However, James Cook is my father (aka Skitzzos_Pops). He is the cartoonist though and we run the site (http://www.seorefugee.com) together. Thanks again though for the inclusion and the link!

  2. Ha, thanks Skitzzo, so much for my “detective work”.

  3. Thanks a lot for the include, Lee.

  4. No worries! It’s happened a couple of times before.

  5. Hey Matt, that’s an interesting story but it’s not a search marketing story. 🙂

  6. Hi

    Thought you might be interested in my story

    I started a website 36 hours ago called savethemexicanwave.com – since then I have done 6 radio interviews, 2 newspaper interviews and been on the #1 rating television station in Australia.

    It was all a guerilla marketing exercise for my site jonksbargains.com !

    I’m happy to talk about how I did it to you or any of your readers – it’s a pretty remarkable story of how it happened.


  7. Wow, I’m honored to be on this list and humbled by my company. I always enjoy your writing so thanks on that count as well!

  8. Hey lee,
    great list. Several are already on my list of favorite blogs. Yours and netbusinessblog are definitely two of the best out there.

  9. Hi Baron and Eli, I enjoy both of your blogs and I’m glad we can share them.

  10. Lee – thank you for the mention and the link. I’ve been a long time reader of your blog – I hope I can “hang with the crowd” in terms of writing quality content and bringing a fresh perspective on pay per click marketing. Stop by soon – I’m going to be launching video content as well. Thanks again.

  11. Avatar skitzzos_pop says

    Thanks for mentioning ME and SEOrefugee. Usally, the division of labor is I do all the work and Skitz takes all the credit.

    Seriously, Skitz is the one most responsible for the “unique” aspects of the blog (and our forum). I do take responsibility for the cartoons though.

  12. There is a problem that when we check the site:www.domainname.com then for some sites google shows that http://www.domainname.com is indexed but http://www.domainname.com/index.htm is not indexed….
    Plz tell me why ??


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