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Search Marketing Blogs Update 022307

I assure you it’s worth the wait for this week’s list of blogs added to the big list of search engine marketing blogs. Here is the updated OPML file and the text file for you CSE junkies out here.

The overall list is now around 380 blogs, but we’ll be trimming that down in the next week or two as we audit the list for those that are not posting regularly.

  • Market Position – A group blog about search marketing from WebTrends, owners of Web Position Gold.
  • The PPC Book – Jeff Hudson, who works as a client side search marketer, blogs about Pay Per Click marketing.
  • Widget Logic – Jason Duke has revived this previously dormant blog about search engines and marketing online.
  • SEO Speedwagon – Intrapromote company blog about search engine optimization.
  • BoogyBonBon – Levi, founder of WordZe blogs about making money online and the MyGen simple site generator.
  • Syndk8 Stuff – Earl Grey, aka Mick Sawyer, blog that compliments the syndk8 black hat forums.
  • Epiphany Solutions Blog – UK based search marketing agency blog.
  • Webmoxy – The lovable world traveler and consumate photographer, Becky Ryan of Trellian.
  • vonfelten – Zach vonFelten’s Weblog on SEM, Advertising, and the Internet.
  • Look What G-Man Found – G-Man, aka Geoffrey Faivre-Malloy, an accomplished software developer and self proclaimed Google spammer blogs about SEO.
  • SEO Hotline – Ahmed Bilal blogs about SEO.

As usual, the best way to get noticed for inclusion in this list is not to send us an email, but to link to our list and/or get listed in the blogroll of some other blogs that are already on the list.

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  1. Lee – thanks for the mention 🙂

  2. You bet Ahmed, I’m glad I ran into your blog. 🙂

  3. Appreciate the mention Lee…thanks.

  4. Hi! What do you think about “suggest for marketing” resource (suggest4marketing.com)? It’s not a blog, but it can be useful for marketers…

  5. Hi Lee,

    Nice post, linked up the list from my blog 🙂


  6. Hi Lee,

    I realise you must get hammered with requests for you to look at blogs. Thanks for taking the time look over ours and judge the content worthy of a listing, its much appreciated.

    Come back soon because we’re pouring a lot of time and resources into it now and the contents going to be coming thick and fast.



  7. u have forgotten my blog 😀 im a nice and compatente blogger from germany

  8. Hi Lee,
    Thank you for the mention. It is very appreciated!
    Scott Goodyear

  9. Hi Shane I will certainly do that.

    NP Scott, am glad to have found the site.