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A few interesting tools I’ve been made aware of recently that online marketers could use for making their social media more interesting or different include the following tools to add text to images or video:

– Enables you to add narrative bubbles to video. From a practical standpoint, this is helpful for offering translated versions of a video.

– Create comic strips from your photos.

I’m sure there are a host of other tools for mashing up and modifying original media. Feel free to suggest your favorites in the comments.

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  1. Mojiti goes a bit further than those ones. You can move your text or bubble, add little flash animation and anotate your clip or put subtitle. You can even let others to add some comments. Here a example I done in a few minutes.

  2. “From a practical standpoint, this is helpful for offering translated versions of a video.”

    For that, see also http://www.overstream.net

  3. DEBEDb, thanks for the link. This Stalin and High Tech video is hilarious!

  4. BubblePLY is an interesting tool, I am pretty sure creative people would be able to generate some viral videos with it!

  5. I should go to BubblePly before posting my first comment. I don’t believe those guys at BubblePly !!! They carbon copy the Mojiti application except for the moving text and the spot organizer. Mojiti.com was release in september and 2.5 month later they release BubblePly. Shame.

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