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Watch TV And Make Your Blog A Superstar

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It’s no secret, those with the scoop have a tendency to get all the traffic. If a newspaper gets an inside story, they sell more copies. If a news channel has that one special interview, then they get the viewers. With blogging it’s no different.

Case in point, on one of my other blogs, I sometimes blog about American Idol. When a contestant made a sneaky remark about Simon Cowel and Telletubbies, I found it interesting and so I posted about it. Threw in some research I did on the truth behind the comment and made sure to tag the post as well with the relevant keywords. Posted it, pinged it, then I went to bed.

Big Stats JumpThe next day I checked out the stats and site visitors were up by about 1500%. It seems that my little post, was on fire.

Paying attention to the industry around you can help out your blog quite a bit. It may just be commenting on what others are doing or relaying interesting information, but it’s how you do it that matters. Good titles, content and tags can all help your little post become a superstar.

Ohh and lets not forget about timing. If I had made the post 12 hours later, it probably wouldn’t have made any difference.

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  1. To do right thing at the right time is smart work to do. If a blog does not have any latest updates of current events happening around then why would people come and visit that blog. Give them what they want and they’ll give you what you want.

  2. I couldn’t agree more! Some of my best content ideas I get from watching tv! Even as I’m writing now, I’m watching a science channel special on ion propulsion for spacecraft. It’s this type of futuristic technology that is underrepresented on the web, and a reason I have been getting visitors from all over the globe. Sometimes just pointing things out that you think people should know is all it takes. With the number of channels exploding thanks to satellite and IPTV, your bound to find something out there from somewhere else in the world that your visitors might not have heard of, but will be glad they did.

  3. Wow Brian, you sure are taking this to the next level and it sounds like it’s paying off. I can see someone just blogging about what they saw on TV and becoming quite popular. Now there is a cool idea. 🙂

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