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Big Old Snowstorm in Minneapolis

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View outside the front window of TopRank’s office.

It’s not looking good here in Minnesota – lots and lots of snow coming down. I had everyone leave the office early today because all of the schools were closing and the roads are pretty bad.


My rear wheel drive 300c is no match for icy roads topped with a few inches of fresh snow. We’ll see if the six bags of softner salt I put in the trunk this morning do the trick or not to get out of here. 🙂

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  1. Avatar Joe Dolson says

    Today is unquestionably one of those days where it’s really nice to be working from home…

    Maybe I’m just a wimp, but not having to go out in this weather today just doesn’t break my heart. I did, however, have a good bit of shoveling to do!

  2. Avatar Chris Dohman says

    I love it! It’s about time we got some real snow around here. How many years has it been since it has piled up in one shot, ’91 I think.

    I spent a good 6 hours outside with my boys today piling up a hill of snow just about as high as the gutters on my garage. It’s a blast seeing them tip off the top edge of it and speeding across the yard.

    I just got home from a trek into St.Paul and then back to the burbs. Very little traffic tonight, it was fun plowing through the white stuff.

  3. Lots of shoveling last night (I refuse to buy a snow blower) and as I look outside at the mountain of snow at the end of the driveway from the snow plow, I am actually looking forward to more shoveling. Strange, very strange.

  4. Avatar Barry Schwartz says

    No fun.

  5. The snowbanks on the sides of our driveway are about 5′ on one side and over 6′ on the other. Good workout!

  6. Avatar Thomas McMahon says

    We have a power shovel. It’s not as good as a snow blower but it’s much better than shoveling it all. 🙂

  7. Ha, the snowplow clipped my mailbox (2nd year in a row).

  8. Whoa….
    a nice picture opportunity, less the miserable cold.

    happened to me in Scotland…and almost froze my bits off. Taught me one thing, always have a bottle of scottish whisky and clothes + blanket while driving in scottish highlands.

    Azrin @ http://azrin.net

  9. Hey, I can’t wait to get the heck out of this snow. It’s driving me nuts.