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Big Old Snowstorm in Minneapolis

View outside the front window of TopRank’s office.

It’s not looking good here in Minnesota – lots and lots of snow coming down. I had everyone leave the office early today because all of the schools were closing and the roads are pretty bad.


My rear wheel drive 300c is no match for icy roads topped with a few inches of fresh snow. We’ll see if the six bags of softner salt I put in the trunk this morning do the trick or not to get out of here. 🙂

Playing Blog Favorites on Technorati

Lists are good and bad. They’re often subjective and almost always in dispute by those that don’t make the list. Being on a list is a form of promotion or marketing in my opinion. Get on a list and you’ll get noticed.

Whether it’s getting on Todd And’s Power 150 list of marketing blogs (glad you could join Andy and Neil), on our own list of search marketing blogs or even the recently published list of top seo firms at, I don’t see any downside to being on such lists.

Which brings me to the topic of this post: Technorati Favorites. Technorati tracks over 60 million blogs and publishes a “Technorati 100” popular blogs by links list that gets a decent amount of attention (we’re currently in the mid 200’s). However, it’s the “Most Favorited” blog list that caught my attention recently. The blog in the 100th position on the Technorati Favorites list has 100 “favorite” votes. Online Marketing Blog currently has 98.