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Playing Blog Favorites on Technorati

Lists are good and bad. They’re often subjective and almost always in dispute by those that don’t make the list. Being on a list is a form of promotion or marketing in my opinion. Get on a list and you’ll get noticed.

Whether it’s getting on Todd And’s Power 150 list of marketing blogs (glad you could join Andy and Neil), on our own list of search marketing blogs or even the recently published list of top seo firms at topseos.com, I don’t see any downside to being on such lists.

Which brings me to the topic of this post: Technorati Favorites. Technorati tracks over 60 million blogs and publishes a “Technorati 100” popular blogs by links list that gets a decent amount of attention (we’re currently in the mid 200’s). However, it’s the “Most Favorited” blog list that caught my attention recently. The blog in the 100th position on the Technorati Favorites list has 100 “favorite” votes. Online Marketing Blog currently has 98.

I recall at the WebmasterWorld Pubcon conference in Las Vegas last year where Guy Kawasaki solicited the keynote crowd to link to his blog to help him make the Technorati 100 most popular blogs. I don’t know how many links he got out of that request, but his blog is at #37 right now. He’s on the list. He’s getting noticed. He’s still getting links.

Obviously Guy Kawasaki is getting noticed for more reasons and in far more important ways than being ranked so highly on the Technorati popular blogs list, but I think you get my point. Whether he asks or not, people will link to his blog because it offers value.

So in that spirit dear readers, would you consider “favoriting” Online Marketing Blog? We’ve made it thus far without such a request and out of all the daily visitors and RSS subscribers, there must be a few of you who really do consider this blog one of your many favorites. If not, we’ll just have to try harder and earn your vote some time in the future.

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@LeeOdden is the CEO of TopRank Marketing and editor of Online Marketing Blog. Cited for his expertise by The Economist, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, he's the author of the book Optimize and presents internationally on B2B marketing topics including content, search, social media and influencer marketing. When not at conferences, consulting, or working with his talented team, he's likely running, traveling or cooking up something new.


  1. Of course, thats what this blogosphere is for…helping each other out.

  2. Thanks Simon!

    Thanks Drew!

  3. Avatar Simon Heseltine says

    There you go… 99 🙂

  4. Sure, should have done it before. Best of luck!

  5. Avatar Nathania Johnson says

    I’ll favorite you if you favorite us. And add us to your list of search marketing blogs.

  6. Nathania and Mike, we will take a look at your sites but do not favorite or link us unless you would do so independently.

  7. Also, thank you to everyone who’s voted we’re now in the 90’s on the Technorati top “Favorited” blogs. Also, we’ll be doing our normal weekly search marketing blogs update on Friday.

  8. Sorry I can’t help: Online Marketing Blog is already one of my favorites.

  9. Ditto! Since ours was #100 it has to garner some link love!

  10. Thanks ISB! Hey Aaron, thanks!

  11. I work for Guy Kawasaki, and I would like to thank you for the links!

    Online Assistant


  12. Nathania, yes this post is asking for votes/favorites but only from people that really think the blog is worthy. Not everyone knows about Technorati favorites.

    How do you know your blog was not in our queue to review?

    There’s no double standard here. I have no interest in link exchanges and do not add any blogs to our list unless we feel they pass some very simple criteria.

    Complaining isn’t going to help.

  13. Avatar Aaron Pratt says

    There is nothing wrong with begging for links. 🙂

    Sure, why not…

  14. Hi Mary-Louise, you’re welcome! And I regret not being able to see Guy play hockey while he was here in Minneapolis. 🙂

  15. Avatar Nathania Johnson says

    Lee, the funny thing is that before you published your blogroll, I would have been tempted to link to you or favorite you “independently” on several occasions. But now it’s a bit tricky, b/c it’s hard to favorite a blog that leaves your own blog (that your staff works hard to produce) off the list week after week.

    Plus, this whole post is about asking for favorites, yet others cannot request the same of you? Not trying to start something here, buddy, just comes across as double standard, that’s all.

  16. You’ve been added, Lee. You deserve it with your great content.

  17. Avatar Aaron Pratt says

    Ah oh, good point Nathania, Lee? 😉

  18. Lee,

    Believe me, you didn’t miss much by not seeing me play!


  19. Avatar Kevin Gibbons says

    Just added, up to 106 now. What was the original rank? It’s 263 at the moment.

  20. Thanks Patrick, I appreciate that! I hope you’re enjoying the snow. 🙂

  21. Thanks for stopping by Guy – anything that involves beer and hockey seems like a great mix to me 🙂

  22. Thanks Kevin! There are two lists: “Favorites” and “Popular”. We are 90-something on the “Favorites” list and 263 or so on the “Popular” list. A lot of the links for the popular list come from people using our RSS button tool on their blog.

    BTW, you’re in our queue for review on the Search Marketing Blogs list update either this Fri or next.

  23. Got my favorite. Though you’ve already hit your original goal, I’m guessing there’s no reason to stop while you have momentum…


  24. Avatar Tom Crandall says

    I am a huge fan Lee, and devout subscriber (sorry semreportcard.com hasn’t launched yet, we’ve nailed down the criteria but client management has been eating all my time).

    The point of my post relates to Topseos.com–ranking the success of the many kick-*ss consultants has me a little curious about this kid’s insight about what knowledge he has on the success of campaigns run by the firms listed. Not that the list is accurate or not, but my Fortune 500 clients have extremely different perspectives, and the successs of a campaign, for various brands is evaluated differently in based upon the board room–no matter how much our staff tries to influence them about core competencies (rsults).

    I’m not trying to de-legitimize the efforts of Topseos.com, but online marketing (not just seo comrades) is subjective to the client, let alone an outdsider lacking the specific campaign analytics and bottom line results.

    When SEMreportcard.com launches (April now), we will base our critique not only on baseline realities, but will include input of each company’s interactive marketing management when possible. The fun starts when… well, you’ll see and understand

  25. Hey Tom, am looking forward to seeing semreportcard.com

  26. Thank you to everyone who thought this blog was worth favoriting! It’s now ranked at 92!

  27. I maintain a reciprocal favorites policy with my readers, and it seems to be working well.

    One of the Technorati widgets appears at the bottom of every page, and I used to also use their recent posts widget – I am going to be switching to an RSS feed but haven’t decided which RSS plugin to standardise on yet.


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