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Search Engine Room Wrap Up

Search Engine Room here in Sydney has officially wrapped up and it’s back to business for us. Well, sort of. The time difference between Australia and back home makes things a little tricky but thanks to Email and a great team, the show goes on. We’ll have 4 days to check out Sydney, which is both awesome and a crime since we’ve come so far and there’s so much to see. Maybe next time it can be a longer stay.

Photo Courtesy Michael Visser

On day two I presented on a panel called, “Blog Marketing and Optimisation” with Andrew Pascoe (second from right below) who writes the Under The Rotunda blog and gave a great introduction to blogging as well as methods of deriving traffic via search and aggregation sites like Techmeme and Digg.

Photo Courtesy Michael Visser

Also presenting was Frank Arrigo, (second from left above) Evangelist from Microsoft who presented (rather enthusiastically and passionatley) a case study of his popular blog, frankarr – an aussie microsoft blogger. Be sure to visit Andrew and Frank’s sites as they both offer unique blogging styles and commentary.

My presentation outlined several of the biggest mistakes that bloggers make along with recommendations on how to avoid them. This was all based on mistakes we’ve made with Online Marketing Blog. I’ll write a separate post about that, but it fundamentally covered: Be in control of your domain/hosting, Define goals and target audience, Avoid focusing on the wrong metrics and I wrapped things up with a few blog marketing/optimization tips.

Giveaway at Search Engine Room
After a nice lunch with the folks from Avatar Web Promotions and Stephan from Netconcepts there was a giveaway and Susan won one of those tiny little iPod shuffles and some speakers that go with a full sized iPod, which was an interesting matchup. Even though she could buy a truckload of those things as an impluse, there’s something about winning things at random that makes it fun.

yahoo hat
I’m a big fan of search engines as you might guess, so cool swag is always fun to come upon. That’s why I was particularly pleased to get a Yahoo! Search Marketing hat. Most PR staff at the major search engines “get” the value of blogger relations. But event staff are almost always unprepared to deal with bloggers wanting to interview or asking for swag. Trust me search engines, having simple things like cool swag for bloggers that are huge fans and who also have a decent sized and qualified readership is a very good thing.

We ended up the day with a split session. The first part was about how to create web 2.0 sites, particularly with Ajax and Flash, that are still search engine friendly. I apologize to the speaker for not writing his full name or company down. It was Chris I believe. He mentioned using a method called Hijax that sends crawlers to a web a page meant to be viewed sans JavaScript and browsers to a page with JavaScript. This allows crawlers to find the various pages of the site that otherwise would be difficult to locate because links and functionality exist within Ajax powered site functionality.

The second session was about balancing organic SEO and paid search. That presentation was by an Australian fellow from a company called PayPerClick. He shared some interesting ways to determine keyword phrases to focus on as well as interesting stats on keyword targeting according to where the user is in the buying cycle. Lots of detailed, useful information that some U.S. conferences could do well to take note of.

Congratulations to Martin Kelly and Bev Wood on programming and organizing a great event!

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  1. Lee,
    Thank you also for you enlightenting and informative talk on Blog Marketing- Australian’s always enjoy an international reference- specifically one which is action based and based on best practice.

    BTW It was Chris Dymock from Cogentis that spoke in the late afternoon session before Stephen Murphy from PayPerClick

  2. Hi Sue, thank you for clarifying. Our experience here in Australia has been fantastic both professionally and personally.

  3. Sounds like a great time.

    Will you be posting any more info on “how to create web 2.0 sites, particularly with Ajax and Flash, that are still search engine friendly?” Or at least who Chris is?

  4. Hi Drew, no I won’t be writing about creating web 2.0 sites per se as we don’t do web dev at our agency. However, we will have some “tips” posts coming up about optimizing Flash and other single page based sites.

    “Chris” is Chris Dymock from Cogentis http://www.cogentis.com.au/

  5. Oh whoops. I didn’t mean to imply that Top Rank would be writing about flash sites and AJAX but just looking for the information on Chris. You answered that anyway. You must be a mind reader. 🙂 Thanks again Lee.