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Search Marketing Blogs Update 030907

This week brings several more very useful and interesting search engine marketing blogs to our list with a nice smattering of blogs from the UK. Here is the updaed OPML file and plain text list.

  • Beyond the Paid – Melissa Mackey who is a Search Marketing Director for MagazineLine and recent winner of a free pass to Search Marketing Expo blogs about search engine marketing.
  • 3net Search Engine Marketing Blog – Online marketing articles on blogs / blogging, internet advertising, search engine marketing, social media, and web design / development.
  • SEOPittfall – In-house SEO Stephen Pitts writes about a nice mixture of search engine optimization, paid search, social media and blogs.
  • MasterLink Search Marketing Blog – Mark Barrera and Kimber Cook write about search engine optimization.
  • SiteProNews Blog – Jerry Bader, Jim Hedger and Kim Roach write on an interesting mix of topics ranging from internet marketing issues to blogs to SEO.
  • UK Search Marketing Blog – As the name implies, a UK based blog by the team at Grasscircle on search engine and search marketing news.
  • SEO Home Blog – UK based Gabriel Homer (Gabs) blogs about Google and SEO.
  • PPC Blog – Dan Sharp’s “cynical look at Pay Per Click (PPC)” from the UK.
  • SEO Class Blog – New SEO training seminar’s blog covering local marketing, nonprofit, SEO basics, class news and social media optimization.

I had hoped to have the “filtered” version of the big list out by now, but client projects are the priority you know. We’re also working on few additional ways to slice and dice the big SEM blog list including a more aesthetically pleasing “river of news” format and a ranking using various metrics ala Todd And’s Power 150 and Alexaholic.

My pet peeve for many of the blogs we notice, find and review is that so many place the RSS feed link in an obscure place or label it ambiguously. It doesn’t make subscribing easy at all if it’s not easy to find the button to subscribe with!

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  1. If I can not get on that list Lee I will hit your name field with weak “nofollowed” link text, muhahaha!!!



  2. Hi Lee, Thank you for the mention, it’s very much appreciated. I’m in the process of sending out some e-mails to notify everyone of a major update, but you found / linked to my new blog too quickly (thanks again), you’re definitely on top of it. My old blog Stir Crazy (on your current Search Marketing list) has become 3net, the old blog and all the old posts are now 301 redirects to the 3net search engine marketing blog, so you should remove Stir Crazy and leave the 3net reference.

    I changed the source feed in feedburner (cool feature) so all my current subscribers were automatically switched over without having to change anything.

    I’m excited, I’ve got a lot of cool stuff I’m working on implementing including some original video (probably in the next month).

    I’ve been following Toprank blog for awhile and it’s gradually moved up my list and is now on my personal top 10 list, so I value all the hard work you’ve put into this blog; it definitely shows.

    Thanks again for the mention.


  3. Hi Solomon, the big list has been updated. Thanks!

  4. You already had me on the list Lee…!

    Am I on there twice now?! 😉

  5. Hey Dan, your blog must be THAT good! Consider it a bonus exposure. 🙂

  6. 😉 Thanks Lee.

  7. Another great list Lee. Great having a list of blogs where most of the same information is not echoed around.

  8. Cheers for the shout out lee 😀

    Add my real name too.. lol.. I look like homer hehehe 😉


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