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Now that you are searching everything on your blog, it’d be a good idea to know what others are searhing for. If you are running WordPress, this is easy enough to do with the Search Meter plugin.

Search Meter’s job is to capture anything put into the search box. This information is then displayed on the admin side of WordPress. It also comes with the functionality to output it on the public side of your blog if you’d like to.

Search Meter Results

Knowing what your visitors are searching for is important as it’s a clue to how they are using the site. You may find out that everyone is searching for information on a certain topic. If it’s not something you post on often, it may be a good idea to post on it more often. Or maybe you’ve created a tutorial or plugin that isn’t easily accessible from your main navigation. If everyone’s searching for it, it’d be a good idea to modify your navigation so it was easier to find.

Site searches are always a great addition to any site. It’s the only way to really get a feel for what people are looking for outside of site stats. By using the Search Meter plugin, you can easly track what your readers are interested in and use that data to help build a better website.

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  1. Thanks for the tip! I already had search everything for a while – but this one is going to really help. I already look at site navigation by my visitors and search terms that drive them to the blog but search terms within the blog are going to be super helpful, especially when you are using your blog as a CMS and you have 100+ posts. Awesome!