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Pubcon Las Vegas and SES Chicago

During SES New York I heard that this year’s Pubcon Conference will be held the same week as the Chicago Search Engine Strategies conference. This wasn’t by choice, as neither conference will benefit from happening at the same time. I believe it had to do with how the Las Vegas Convention Center situation worked with Pubcon and things happened that required the Pubcon event to be moved to a different date than originally intended.

SES Chicago is 12/3-6 and PubCon Las Vegas runs 12/4-7.  This is a really tough call because Pubcon only happens once a year and SES Chicago is in our back yard. However, I do plan on having TopRank staff at both events

Barry at Search Engine Roundtable wrote about this as well and is running an informal poll. Right now Pubcon is getting a lot of the votes (58% vs 13%), but it will be a while before the events occur.

What are your thoughts on this? Which conference do you plan on attending? What factors will help you make the decision?

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  1. Hi Lee,

    Having missed Pubcon in Vegas last year, I am looking at attending Pubcon this year. From all indications last year’s event was a tremendous success. (The keynote from Guy Kawasaki didn’t hurt either).

    Other factors for choosing Pubcon over SES Chi-town is the proximity and the fact that Las Vegas happens to be my favorite US city. (Lots to see and do there…)

  2. Avatar Andy Atkins-Kruger says

    Hi Lee, Last year was my first Pubcon (shame) and I thought it was fab. The search engine session taking a whole afternoon, for me, is better than the SES style. So I vote Pubcon (plus it’s warm there – last time I was at SES Chicago – apart from those steaks – it froze my socks off…..) Andy

  3. Vegas gets my attention in December.

  4. I’m pretty sure I’m headed to Pubcon. I think Barry is still on the fence, but it looks like there’s a clear winner from the poll. 🙂

  5. PubCon is a once a year event? Wasn’t there one in Boston last year as well?

    Lee, I vote for PubCon.

  6. Avatar David Dalka says

    Very interesting situation.

  7. Hey Igor, you’re right. Pubcon did have an event in Boston last year but it’s been changed to just once a year now.

  8. It will be PubCon for me. SES Chicago is also in my backyard (work in the Loop, but live in the Burbs), but I’ve never been to a PubCon. I’ve been to 6-7 SES shows, so time to check it out.

  9. Hi Lee, I am definitely leaning towards PubCon. What’s funny though is that it was conversations I had at SESNY that convinced me to hit PubCon….

  10. For me the choice is easy: Mary Ann all the way!

  11. PubCon for me, though we will have staff attending both events.