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In two weeks I’ll be in Florida for my first ever Search Insider Summit conference. This is an event held by MediaPost and chaired by David Berkowitz from 360i, who has been a regular contributor to the Search Insider email newsletter and blog for the past year or more. He also publishes a fine blog at Inside the Marketer’s Studio.

David and I have been fellow bloggers of the Chicago ad:tech conference the past few years and he has amazing writing talents as well as a very firm grasp of what’s new, hot and most of all, important in the search and online marketing world.

This is a new event and I’ve been watching to see how it shapes up, hearing very good things so far. I will be speaking on a panel about social media and for my part, I suspect more specifically about SEO and social media.

The Intersection of Social Media and Search: What Does It Mean for Marketers? — By arming consumers with social media tools within your own marketing messages, you can encourage them to interact with your content and spread it further around the web. This community powered approach not only exposes far more people to your brand, but also delivers significant SEO benefits powered by your customers and web-users.

The panel includes Steven Marder, CEO of Eurekster, myself and Gil Mandler, CMO of Mandler’s and consultant for Exoloop. The panel will be moderated by Bill Flitter, founder or RSS advertising platform, Pheedo.

Overall, it appears to be a great mix of speakers at this event ranging from Google and Yahoo reps to Gord Hotchkiss as event Emcee. As far as the venue goes (Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort and Spa), after conference activities are golf all the way. Too bad I haven’t really picked up golf yet. 🙂

I’m sure I’ll manage between blogging, speaking and regular work tasks. We’ve brought on some very interesting new projects in the past few weeks and continue to interview candidates for the Online Marketing Account Manager and various SEO related positions.

I will also be doing a bit of blogging of the event and have scheduled some video interviews which I hope to post in the evenings. The sessions I plan on attending include:

Keynote Address and Q&A Session — Esther Dyson, Chairman, EDventure Holdings, Interviewed on the Semantic Web and the Future of Search by David Vise, Senior Commentator, Breakingviews.com and Author of The Google Story

The Future of Search Engine Innovation — As search engines evolve, so must the methods of the marketers. We’re seeing the emergence of smart mashups, of visual search engines, and personalized search. What does the future hold for search marketers and advertisers as they struggle to match speed of improvement being set by the engines themselves?

Navigating Click Fraud — Click fraud is the advertiser threat that still hasn’t gone away, but the search engines are becoming more transparent. Are they dong enough? What can advertisers do on their own to limit click fraud, and what technologies can they tap to help them? Should the conversation be reframed to discuss impression fraud too?

Keynote Address — Jordan Rohan, Managing Director, RBC Capital Markets

Integrating Search with Other Channels — Search marketing doesn’t work in a vacuum. All other channels contribute to stimulating search activity, and search engine marketing captures that demand. How do you plan your search strategy in conjunction with other media? What organizational hurdles need to be overcome? How can you use other channels to improve performance for search campaigns?

Competitive Intelligence — One of the most powerful aspects of search engine marketing is the intelligence you can gain from it, both about your own brands and your competitors. Just how much can you find out about the competition? What tools and strategies should you use? Here you’ll learn how to gain or retain your competitive edge.

Search Insiders Tell All — Every day, MediaPost’s Search Insider columnists illuminate the search landscape. Now it’s time for them to get off their pedestals and face your toughest questions first-hand. They’ll mouth off on all the most pressing search issues and the hot topics discussed at the Search Insider Summit so far.

Managing Brands with Search – Search engine marketing always presents challenges for managing brands, and these panelists will help you make sense of it all. How do you monitor affiliate programs that sometimes misuse your brand? What trademark protection is offered to marketers? How much should you be willing to outbid rivals for paid search terms that are vital to your brand, even if it goes against your CPC and CPA targets? How do you juggle multiple brands which may at times compete for search shelf space?

Think Globally, Act Locally: Successfully Managing a Global Integrated Search Campaign – Managing a global search marketing campaign offers fresh opportunities and challenges for marketers pursuing customers in a worldwide market. How can marketers maintain effective and cohesive brand strategies while efficiently reaching targeted customers at different international local levels?

The Search Insider Summit will be held May 6-9 in Bonita Springs, Florida and you can find more information on the Media Post web site.

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  2. Lee… Hope to see you there.