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Search Marketing Blogs Update 042007

Last week’s search engine marketing blogs update suffered a little skipperoo as it was the last day of SES New York and a travel day. I’ve decide to spend more time writing about each blog so readers get more of an idea about what to expect. Let me know if that’s a good idea or not. 🙂

Some interesting entries this week though and definitely worth checking out – maybe worth adding to your blogroll!

  • Vanessa Fox Nude – Gets your attention doesn’t it? This self titled Googler’s blog is about a number of things and yes, SEO topics slip in often enough to be included in our fine list and no, there are no nude pictures. It’s nice to see another webmaster-famous Googler blogging, not that we’re bored with Matt Cutts or anything. Vanessa writes with mixture of humor and just a touch of geek, which is perfect for the SEO loving crowd. Read the inspiration for the blog title from Dave Naylor.
  • Enquisite Search Metrics Blog – While this blog name carries a “metrics” label, the past month’s entries have actually been interviews with interesting search marketing people ranging from to Greg Boser to Josh Stylman. The blog is from Richard of Zwicky of Metamend, the company that created the Enquisite free search metrics software.
  • SEO Wife’s Blog – More about the SEO industry and people within than tactics, which makes for interesting reading if you’re into that kind of thing. Written by a very nice wife of a very smart and successful and entertainingly irreverent SEO. B or G, if you happen to see this let me know if it’s ok to use your full name.
  • Website Magazine Blog – A group blog from the publishers of Website Magazine which covers the search engine industry as well as general topics related to online marketing.
  • Web Analytics World – This is not a single blog, but another mashup or aggregator. With so many interesting and some not so interesting, search marketing blogs out there, an aggregator can come in handy.
  • BUMPzee SEO/SEM Community – An interesting community that aggregates the blog RSS feeds of it’s members. In a way, this acts like an aggregator or RSS mashup.

We’re working with a developer to create a few of our own mashups of the list. I’ve said this before, but had not found the right resource. Now we have. We’ll be producing and publishing several different ways to consume the content from the blogs listed in our search marketing blog list as well as introduce ranking methods. Only the top 200 ranked blogs will be included in the mashups we’re creating and if necessary, we’ll cut that down to a 100.

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  1. I love this blog. It is such a valuable resource and helps me stay in the loop.

    I will add some of those entries to http://www.webanalyticsworld.com.

    Thank you for the mention as well.