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Future of Search Marketing Blogging Contest

Manoj Jasra of the Web Analytics World blog and Enquiro has let me know he’is running a blogging contest this week. It’s somewhat like Marketing Pilgrim’s Scholarship where participants submit articles on various topics and prizes are awarded to the winner who sends the most traffic. This is a brilliant idea actually and it’s a win-win-win situation as well.

Readers win by getting great content, participants win because they get exposure and one of them gets “fabulous prizes”, and Web Analytics World wins because of great content along with the traffic driven by contest entrants.

The topic of the blog post to be submitted is “The Future of Search Marketing” which leaves a lot of room for creativity. Since the idea is a blog post, I hope we see something more creative than just a text article.

Personally, I would shoot a video interviewing other search marketers on the topic (provided time allowed for this) and then post a summarized transcript so search engines had something to index. The video would be part of the blog post entry submitted to the contest. I’d also be sure to post the video to YouTube and various video search engines and post still shots of the interviewees on Flickr with links back to the entry. There are so many options when you start using multiple forms of media.

I would also get the interviewees to link from their blogs to the entry. Heck, you could have a contest within a contest, but I think that’s enough in the suggestion department for now. It will be interesting to see what kinds of articles get submitted.
Here are the prizes for the winner:

  • A copy of Enquiro’s Eye Tracking Study
  • Autographed copies of Web Analytics Demystified and Web Site Measurement Hacks thanks to Eric Peterson
  • A copy of Jennifer Laycock’s book: “Small Business Guide to Search Engine Marketing.”
  • A Pro MyBlogLog account donated by MyBlogLog
  • $50 Cash (via PayPal) and a post mentioning your website from yours truly at Web Analytics World
  • A copy of WSOP (designed for website load time optimization) donated by SoftLogica

Read more about contest rules and guidelines over at Web Analytics World.

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  1. Today must be the day to launch SEO contests. We just launched ours on our blog as well. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the heads-up on the Blog Contest! I’ll definitely post it at my new one, Blog Band-Aids.

    Good stuff!


  3. The non-profit focus is very cool Lisa.


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