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I just had a chance to watch part of the webcast of Google’s Searchology presentation with Marissa Meyer, Craig Silverstein and others.
Software Engineer Ben Gomes talked about PageRank:


Kerry Rodden talked about usability testing:


and the various Google search products were also discussed.


Danny lists links to live blogging of the event from TechCrunch and AppScout.

While there were hints by a few blogs that have been talking about Searchology day that an announcement of some sort would be made, my “in and out” viewing of the web cast did not catch anything in particular. However, if something of note was presented, I’m sure Search Engine Land will cover it.

Update: I knew it, Danny has all the details about Google Universal Search as well as Google Experiments.

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  1. The presentation was really good. I was actually present in the room for it.

    What’s being rolled out as I type this comment is going to take Google to the next level and keep them ahead of the search game for sure.

  2. Hey Sean, thanks for stopping by. Universal search sounds interesting. Google Experimental shows several of the test SERPs interfaces we’ve been exposed to recently.

  3. Although Google Universal Search will help them catch up to AOL’s FullView and A9’s new interface, I think the most far-reaching initiative they announced today will be Cross Language Information Retrieval.

    Ready or not, we’re all about to leapfrog into a 12-language Web community.


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