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Future of Search Marketing Blogging Contest

Manoj Jasra of the Web Analytics World blog and Enquiro has let me know he’is running a blogging contest this week. It’s somewhat like Marketing Pilgrim’s Scholarship where participants submit articles on various topics and prizes are awarded to the winner who sends the most traffic. This is a brilliant idea actually and it’s a win-win-win situation as well.

Readers win by getting great content, participants win because they get exposure and one of them gets “fabulous prizes”, and Web Analytics World wins because of great content along with the traffic driven by contest entrants.

The topic of the blog post to be submitted is “The Future of Search Marketing” which leaves a lot of room for creativity. Since the idea is a blog post, I hope we see something more creative than just a text article.

Reader’s Choice Search Marketing Resources

reader poll

It’s been a while since we’ve done a Reader Poll Roundup, so today I’m listing a summary first and then the day’s poll in a separate post. With the polls we’ve been running just about every Wednesday on Online Marketing Blog, the voting turnouts and selections have been interesting but the commentary has been even better.

Whether it’s deciding what the best sources of information on search marketing are to the most important skills for practicing search engine optimization, these polls offer a glimpse of what’s on the minds of our appreciated readers and possibly the search marketing industry at large.

The format is pretty straightforward and along with the sum and distribution of votes, I’ve also added the number of comments for each as I think they are a very important indication of how relevant the topic is.

How To Move a WordPress Blog

Moving WordPressHaving recently moved a few WordPress blogs from one host to another, I thought I’d write up a quick ho-to. It’s actually quite painless.

The first thing you need to know is that you are moving your blog, not re-installing it. Don’t attempt to re-install WordPress as that may cause more issues.

Step 1 – Backup
It’s very important to backup your files and database. Files can be gotten via a FTP client and here are instructions on backing up your blog posts.

Step2 – Upload Files
When uploading your files to the new host, make sure to either upload the files you backed up, or upload the exact same version of WordPress you are running on the old host. You can get your WordPress version number at the bottom of any admin page.