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Search Marketing Blogs Update 052507

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We have several overdue search engine marketing blog additions this week including those for 2 major search engines. The master list of Search Marketing Blogs has been updated. A big thank you to Danny Sullivan as several blogs were gleaned from the well-maintained blogroll over at Search Engine Land.

  • adCenter Blog – The official blog of Microsoft adCenter.
  • AOL Search Blog – The official search blog for AOL.
  • Brian White – Googler on the search spam team blogs personal interests, but mostly Google. Think the Google spam team doesn’t know about the latest paid link schemes? Guess again.
  • The Key – A Business 2.0 blog by Paul Sloan on the “internet land grab, music and more”. Quite a bit on the search engines, domaining, online advertising as well.
  • Cshel SEO and PR – Carolyn Shelby, who helps Neil and Cameron on their podcast, Rush Hour, writes about online marketing for small businesses.
  • PPC Discussions – Jeremy Mayes writes about paid search with particular emphasis on Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter.
  • Blogation – David Z. Hawk provides unique tips on Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing and affiliate marketing.
  • Sebastian’s Pamphlets – Sebastian of Smart IT Consulting writes LOTS of great stuff on the technical side of search marketing and SEO.

Honorable Mentions (Promising blogs that didn’t make the BIGLIST)

  • Epiar Market Research Blog – Curtis Dueck from Canadian web dev and search marketing agency Epiar blogs about the latest research by industry category. The last post was April 2nd, so it won’t make the BIGLIST but there is interesting data posted there.
  • Quick Sprout – A new blog from Neil Patel. I guess “sprout” is a better moniker than “princess”. 🙂 Admittedly, this is not as much about search marketing as it is about personal branding, of which Neil has been very successful. As such, I’ll include a link to this blog here, but it won’t go on the BIGLIST.
  • The Alchemy of Search – A blog from Alchemist Media with no identified author. Jessie or Jonah? Not sure. It would be great if they cleaned up the “About” page from the default WordPress install and bothered categorizing posts. With Alchemist’s longstanding reputation, we’ll watch and see if the blog gets cleaned up for later addition to the BIGLIST.

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  1. That’s a honor, thank you!

  2. No, thank YOU for the original and insightful content – a rarity in the sea of me too and SEO news blogs. 🙂

  3. Avatar Chris Dohman says

    hi lee, its great to see you are keeping the list up to date. most lists like this get stale but this one is worth a google bookmark!


  4. Congratulations, Sebastian!

    Does that mean Brian will fix his comment spam-protection to allow comments? 🙂

  5. Avatar Chris Boggs says

    Hey Lee…just wondering if Search Marketing Trends is not on here since it is a weekly newsletter/blog hybrid?

    Thanks for keeping this great list updated! Definitely Favorites-worthy. 🙂


  6. Hi Chris, SMT is a fine resource and has been on my radar, but the short answer is that it’s not a blog.

    There might be journal style entries, but there’s no obvious RSS feed, no comments, no categories, no trackback support – all the things that distinguish a blog from a web site, especially the RSS feed.

    If that ever changes, please let me know because I’d love to add it to the BIGLIST. 🙂

  7. Do you mind if we display your “BIGLIST” graphic on our blogs?

  8. Hi Drew, yes please do. 🙂

  9. That an impressive list, very useful – thanks!