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Technorati Adds Authority to SERPs

After reading Neil’s post about Pronet Advertising, Search Engine Land and Online Marketing Blog making Technorati’s Popular 100 list, I thought I’d search T’rati a bit more and noticed an Authority score starting to appear next to the blogs in the search results. I know a widget was released that blogs could use to show their Technorati score earlier last month I believe, but this is the first I’ve seen it on the Technorati site.

Here’s a screenshot:


Since I’m one to have fun with lists, I thought I’d take the Search Marketing Blogs by Feedburner RSS Subscribers list and see what their Technorati scores were. I am assuming “authority” is an indication of inbound links withing a certain amount of time. The higher the number, the more authority.

Here are the results:

www.shoemoney.com – 4,343
www.mattcutts.com/blog – 3,876
searchengineland.com – 3,774
www.pronetadvertising.com – 3,664
www.toprankblog.com – 3,167
battellemedia.com – 2,707
www.searchenginejournal.com – 2,369
www.seroundtable.com – 2,252
www.marketingpilgrim.com – 2,068
blog.searchenginewatch.com/blog – 1,963
www.wolf-howl.com – 1,563
www.seomoz.org/blog – 1,396
www.searchengineguide.com – 1,040
www.seopedia.org – 611
www.smallbusinesssem.com – 361

Search Technorati for your blog URL and see what authority score comes up. If you’re a link magnet, it could be interesting.

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  1. This might be stating the obvious, Lee, but that authority number is the number of sites that link to the blog. 🙂

  2. Looks like they stopped discounting theme and widget links for the top 100, at least in select cases. Both Pronet and Tubetorial made the Top 100 based in large part on linkbacks from free WP themes, but Chris Pearson’s Pearsonified is still excluded for the massive linkage her gets from Cutline in WP.com, as is Performancing with all those links from Performancing for Firefox. A bit arbitrary.

  3. Avatar randfish says

    Hey Lee, what’s up with the subdirectory use on SEOmoz? The authority is normally 4247 (which I think is just the number of unique blogs linking in). They used to show two numbers – total number of links and links from unique domains, but now the “authority” number is the same as the old “unique domains” number.

  4. Hey Matt, I think you’re right. It was obvious enough that I mentioned it in the post! L:)

  5. Brian, like Pronet’s WP theme links, OMB gets quite a few links because of our widgets. It is what it is – marketing.

  6. Yep… and it obviously worked well for me with Tubetorial. I wasn’t being critical, I’m just saying that Technorati doesn’t seem to be consistent.

  7. Hi Rand, this is a list of blogs, therefore a subdirectory URL for SEOmoz is appropriate just like it is for Matt Cutts.

  8. Oh my, we are both late Brian :). I agree with you by the way. You’d think Technorati would discount a certain number of consistently patterned links, but I suspect that will happen soon enough.

  9. Yes it is late. 🙂

    T-rati does discount some theme and widget links, like in the case of Pearson and Perfomancing. Maybe it has to be a ridiculously large number… punished for too much success, perhaps? 😉

  10. I noticed this earlier today, too. Do you think this is a reaction to the Technorati favorites train that has been going around?

  11. Hmm..this is interesting. I’ve just checked 2 of my blogs at Technorati and arrive at the same conclusion as yours. Authority should refers to the no. of inbound links to your blog / site.

  12. Hey – very nice finding… this is yet another metrics to go into the site valuations – I assume Rand’s PS as well as many others will adopt this metric to the overall “link valuation” formular pretty soon (and so will we)

    presell page man

  13. Nice, but how do those numbers relate to the number of people who actually visit that site?

  14. Typically, the more links to a site, the more traffic.

  15. Total numbers of links to a Blog?

  16. thats good, we have metrics on RSS, but what about social bookmarking stats?


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