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Ask Morphs into Ask3D 3d has upgraded to a new interface called, Ask3D. The 3D makes reference to the three panels of information on the search results page. Ask X was the development playground for Ask3D and includes some interesting features including the display of search results from specialized data sources that are unique to the query.

At first glance, the big difference between Ask X and Ask3D is the initial interface. Ask X is a search box and nothing else. Ask3D provides categories for Web, Images, Ask City, News, Blogs and the extras: video, maps and shopping. The search results page is very similar with 3 columns.


There are a number of improvements including the binoculars function showing larger preview images, one click saving to your Ask favorites and in some cases, the ability to play video clips from the third column search results.

Yahoo Search Marketing Launches Quality Based Pricing

Earlier today Yahoo Search Marketing announced they will now provide free, open access to the Panama search marketing application program interfaces (APIs) through the launch of the Commercial API Program. Commercial clients (big agencies) will also be offered optional fee-based, value-added services that come in three flavors: basic, advanced and elite.

Yahoo’s been busy today, because this evening I got the heads up Y!SM is rolling out quality based pricing across it’s paid search and contextual advertising networks.

Here’s the lowdown on quality based pricing from Yahoo:

“Essentially, it assesses the quality of a publisher’s traffic based upon the publisher’s ability to deliver more interested, high-value potential customers to Yahoo’s advertisers. A few of the factors considered by quality-based pricing include publisher conversion rates, traffic source and implementation type. Depending on the quality of a given publisher’s traffic, the cost of an advertiser’s click can be automatically discounted by a certain percentage.”

Help Judge the WebAwards

JudgingThink you have what it takes to critique websites? Think to many sites are over done, don’t think about usability or are just to cluttered? Well now is your chance to get your opinion out there by becoming a WebAward judge.

The WebAward competition judges hundreds of sites from 96 different industries. As a judge, you’ll get a variety of sites to check out and report back on. It’s a great opportunity to not only see some cool sites that you may not run across normally, but you can also give feedback to those that need a little bit of help.

To signup, fill out the WebAward judge nomination form and good luck!


SMX-less in Seattle – SMX Advanced Conference

In case you’ve been under a rock the past 6 months or perhaps taking a well earned internet hiatus, 🙂 Danny Sullivan’s new conference series kicks off this week with Search Marketing Expo Advanced in Seattle.

You can be sure to see session by session coverage from Barry and his crew at Search Engine Roundtable. Matt McGee from Small Business SEM who will also be doing some conference coverage has already posted photos including a few shots from the MSN party as did Karl Ribas. Matt Cutts shares a few thoughts of the event here.

Other SMX Advanced coverage will be coming from Marketing Pilgrim and of course both text and video from WebProNews. Alas, Online Marketing Blog will not be attending SMX Seattle, but hopefully we can cover future events. With two east coast speaking gigs this month, attending/blogging a third conference simply isn’t doable for me. 🙁

Search Marketing Blogs Update 060107

SEO Blogs

Nothing slowed down this week as far as finding and adding blogs to our BIGLIST of search marketing blogs. No runner ups this week.

  • Create Business Growth – Christine O’Kelly writes about blogging, copywriting and small business marketing online.
  • Hybrid SEM Blog – Joe Whyte writes about old school and new school SEO.
  • WebMama’s Look at the Web – I’ve been watching Barbara Coll’s blogspot blog for a while now and recently noticed she’s publishing more consistently, qualifying her inclusion on the BIGLIST. Barbara writes about her observations on search marketing industry.
  • SEOish – Insight into the world of learning search marketing with a sense of humor by Patrick Sexton, aka “feedthebot.
  • Beginning SEO Podcast – David Brown and Brian Mark do a podcast talking about the fundamentals of search engine optimization.

Friday AM Search News

According to the Bruce Clay blog, Mike Grehan has joined Bruce Clay as VP of International Business Development. Congrats to both Bruce Clay and Mike as BC gets a very high profile SEO rockstar and Mike gets to continue flying around the world doing that SEO thing.

You may also recall that last week Bill Slawski joined Commerce 360. If you’d asked Bill what he’d be doing now a year ago, working for another company probably wouldn’t be it. However, Bill’s a very smart fellow and Li along with the Commerce 360 team are very fortunate to have him.

Google has released Google Gears, which is intended to provide developers a way to create offline versions of online applications. Google Gears already works with Google Reader and Barry has a nice post illustrating that. Some speculate that this is another effort by Google to compete with Microsoft. More at SEW and the official Google Gears blog.