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What a week! With most of my time spent at the DM Days conference or sitting in a plane (not flying of course, just sitting on the runway waiting for the stars to line up or whatever control towers are using these days to give the OK for takeoff) I had little time to poke around for new SEM and SEO blogs for our list.

Regardless, we have six additions for this week’s update including two from the UK, two from my home state of Minnesota and one from Massachusetts:

  • RKG Blog – Alan Rimm-Kaufman of the Rimm-Kaufman Group blogs about various online marketing news items and tips along with his own commentary.
  • SEO Blokes – Rob Kerry, Jay Young, Ciaran Norris and Ekrum Ashgar are the SEO Blokes, possibly as an alternative to “SEO Chicks” we listed a few weeks ago. This crew blogs about their personal observations of SEO industry events, news and insights.
  • JLH Design Blog – Fellow Minnesotan John Honeck really wants you to buy him a beer and along the way, this designer blogs advice about search optimization with an emphasis on all things Google.
  • aimClear Search Marketing Blog – Another Minnesota based blogger makes the list with Marty Weintraub blogging about paid search marketing and organic SEO with the purpose of demystifying common topics that come up in his interactions with clients.
  • Search Matters – This group blog from Catalyst Search Marketing includes posts from Ehren Reilly, Francis Skipper, Ian Bardorf, Sarah McCracken, and Sherwood Stranieri providing flavorful writing about all aspects of search industry happenings, strategies and tactics of particular relevance to the healthcare industry their agency serves.
  • FroggBlog – Not to be confused with, umm ribbit, the “Frog Blog” from U.S. based Did-It, this blog belongs to the team at LeapFrogg, a UK based which aspires to writing opinions, original ideas and personal observations about SEO, paid search and social media.

We’ll watch these blogs in the coming months and hope to see some great content. Now it’s time for some navigation and usability tips for search marketing blogs, or any blog for that matter:

  1. Brand your blog. It could be your name, a permutation of your company name, or a metaphor for what you stand for. Just do something to distinguish your blog from others. Especially if you’re using a common template. No need for expensive designers for this, just use unique colors and a good name.
  2. Give it up. Give up the info on who you are that is. A big part of what’s appealing about one blog over another is a sense of who’s writing it. A simple tag line of purpose along with an “about” page serves just fine. If it’s a group blog, then be sure to list links to bio pages for each of your contributors.
  3. Make it easy to subscribe. Get that RSS icon and a word like, “Subscribe” high and above the fold. Don’t make your readers have to search for it. Our RSS button tool makes this easy to add to your blog. Also, I’d recommend offering and RSS to email option like FeedBlitz.
  4. Provide chronological and categorical archives. This makes it easier to find past posts.
  5. Offer an open text search. Sometimes categories and timeframe are not enough. Provide your readers with a search function specific to your blog to help them find what they’re looking for.
  6. Use tags with your posts. Oftentimes, categories are not specific enough or the readers wants to see something like all the posts you’ve done about optimizing for Google Universal search. Tags can make that task much easier for readers. The easier you make it for readers to find and consume your content, the more often they’ll return and recommend your blog.

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  1. Cool…thank you Lee.

  2. Excellent, thank you very much. I’ll add the badge to the blog when I get back.

  3. Brilliant thanks very much Lee :)Badge is added to our blog.

  4. Wow – thanks for the add. Quite an honour – I should have put you in the Nicest Bloke In SEO poll! You might be interested in my work blog too – won’t spam with a link, but try eyefall dot co uk slash blog

    Hope you like it!


  1. […] Lee Odden over at Top Rank has a running “Big List” of SEM blogs which is a veritable who’s who of search marketing blogs. Literally, every blog I personally read is on the list and it’s a very useful resource. Over 350 blogs relating to search marketing, blogging, social media, and new media public relations are recommended. Thanks to Top Rank for including aimClear Search Marketing Blog on the Big List. […]