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BIGLIST Search Marketing Blogs Update 072707

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Even though we’re doing the “RV vacation” thing starting today, we have a nice list of search marketing blogs for you in this week’s update to the BIGLIST of SEM and SEM and SEO blogs. Enjoy!

  • Internet Marketing Monitor – A paid staff of writers at IMM pull internet marketing industry stories of the day as well as case studies and add commentary.
  • KoMarketing Associates SEM Blog – A group/company blog covering SEO, PPC, events, industry news/trends, tips and a lot of personal insight. These folks are clearly involved in, and have an opinion on, what goes on in the industry.
  • Clix Marketing Blog – PPC Expert David Szetela has lots of speaking gigs. I just wish he’d post more often on industry news and tips on paid search advertising.
  • Single Grain – This blog from Sujan Patel offers a nice collection of “how to” and informational articles but I would really like to see chronological archives.
  • eCopt eCommerce Optimization – If you’re looking for practical examples and insight into the world of online retailing, then Matt’s eCopt blog is the place to subscribe to offering an array of articles, tips, tricks, tutorials on running an eCommerce business or storefront.

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  1. Wow, we are flattered to be on such a prestigious list of SEM blogs and communities. I know how much work it can be to keep a list like this updated frequently. You guys do such a great job of keeping fresh, informative, hand picked blogs on it.

    Now I can finally add your badge to our site, just have to find the perfect spot for it!

  2. Thank you for adding us to the list – it is very much appreciated! We’re trying to write specifically for our clients and folks in the SEM industry, mixing in the different personalities at the company and (hopefully) some humor here and there as well.

  3. Thank you for adding us to this list! We’re all very flattered and excited to be included. We use this list on a regular basis to find out what’s going on in the search marketing blogosphere and it’s very nice to now become a part of it ourselves.

    So again… thank you!

  4. I like Sujan’s site – but I don’t always agree with the analysis. Like the PageRank Leak – I understand the point, but I don’t agree that it is something to be worried about – work on good content and don’t sweat the small stuff.

  5. Hi Lee,

    Surely I’m updating my blog often enough to be included in the big list?



  6. Avatar eshop600 says

    Just bootmarked all those sites, cheers for the info.

  7. Thanks for adding Single Grain to your list. This is a real honor.


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