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Blog SearchAs blogs become more widely used, so does the idea of a blog search engine. I’m getting asked more often about how to rank high in sites such as Technorati and Google Blog Search. Where as it’s really easy to rank high, it never lasts.

Blog search engines rank blogs on a few different factors including authority, relevance and time. Time is the biggest one. If I post right now about “blog optimization” I’ll be #1 in Technorati for that phrase! However, if someone posts five minutes after me, I’ll be bumped out of first place. As the day goes on, and more people post with the phrase “blog optimization” in their posts, I’ll continue to move down the list. As you can see, it’s really easy to be #1 but you’ll never say there.

Another factor blog search engines can include is authority. They’ll measure the number of inbound links, how many people are subscribed to your blog and different factors based on the blog search engine you are using. They’ll then decide who’s popular and give the user the ability to filer out the less popular blogs and only show results from those with some authority. I kind of wish the main search engines would do this too.

Google Blog Search also has relevance built in. They use their own algorithm to determine who has the best posts based off what you are looking for. This is much more like a Google web search however only for blogs. Measuring your rankings here may be acceptable but I’d still shy away from trying to track your blog search engine position.

Each blog search engine has their own factors and ways of showing search results. For the most part, measuring and tracking your blog search rankings are not a good idea as most are time based and change very often. Instead, focus on writing good posts, good titles, including keyword phrases.  Measure things like unique visitors & feed subscribers to get the best understanding of how successful your blog is.

What blog search engine do you use? I’m a Technorati fan myself, but what about you?

Short list of Blog Search Engines:

  • Technorati
  • Google Blog Search
  • IceRocket
  • Bloglines
  • Giga Blast
  • Sphere
  • Ask

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  1. Excellent post. To be honest I am not satisfied with blog search functionality until now. Neither Google nor technorati do a good job at it. I understand that Technorati uses the time stamp to return results. But Google’s relevance algorithm is not working for blog search if you ask me.

  2. I think it’s still an evolving area that everyone is working on. I like the time based searches myself as I don’t like searching for a software solution and engines give me solutions for outdated versions. As an example, if I’m looking for a fix to a Dreamweaver issue, Google tells me solutions for Dreamweaver v2 or v3 which are years old and no where related to my current issue.

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