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Indexed by Google in an Hour

Today Rob Key from Converseon pinged me on how fast their work promoting reforestation through a video as part of an American Express promotion hit the Google SERPs. The project is a great example of the power of social media for a great cause.

In just 4 days the video (Second Chance Trees) ranks #2 for the phrase “American Express Members Project“. It actually ranks higher than the Amex web site for the project, which is pretty impressive with over 4 million search results for the term. Maybe after indexing this blog, the link above it’ll be doing even better. 🙂

After reading Rob’s email I posted about the TopRank Challenge and shortly afterwards received a Google Alert email notifying me the TopRank Challenge post had entered the index. I did a search for “TopRank challenge” on Google and sure enough, Online Marketing Blog was #1 with the phrase “TopRank Challenge” in bold within an hour. The same thing happened with the post on “holistic SEO” yesterday.

This higher speed of indexing and inclusion of our blog posts started happening in the past week or so. I am curious if other bloggers are noticing their posts getting into Google this fast?

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  1. Avatar Michael Jensen says

    I’ve been noticing this too, but I think it is part of the freshness aspect of the googlerithm. I usually see the page that shows up suddenly disappear within a few days. Anyone else see this too?

  2. If you have WordPress setup to ping Google or another ping service that in turn pings Google,. the blog post will be spidered usually within a few minutes and live in the blog search very shortly after. It’s been like that for some time now.

    You don’t even need a blog to get indexed that quick, you just need to have the built in functionality to ping any content you want and BOOM, it’s indexed.

  3. Jeremy, this isn’t about blog search. It’s the regular Google search results.

  4. Hi Lee,

    Yes, I’ve noticed the speed of inclusion into Google for my Webmetricsguru.com posts. Not only that – but my posts are often going to the very top for competitive terms, and for things that are “hot”.

    For example, I wrote about the Cloverfield Trailer of J.J. Abrams, and quickly to to be #1 for a week that drove 30,000 plus visits to Webmetricsguru within the week it appeared. I also posted about 1 18 08 and got to be on the first page, within a day. The “iphone review” post I did recently also got phenomenal results, yet the Cloverfield trailer, which is more niche, actually drove much more traffic, much faster than the iphone posts I’ve done.

    I did a post to test some ideas on “iphone tools”, as well, and one of “free energy” (much harder to do well for that, but did get to be on top for “free energy demonstration”.

    Someone, I feel like this …. why even bother with SEO when you have THIS. Anyway, that’s been my feeling for a while. Perhaps a blog is, by it’s setup, the perfect kind of website for doing well in Search.


  5. Avatar Joe Whatnall says

    Hi Lee, what are ‘google alert’ emails, and how do i get them?

  6. Avatar liam morrison says

    Hi Lee, Yes I’ve also seen posts get traffic from Google within a couple of hours from the regular search results. My feeling is that it’s Google trying to surface fresh results for search phrases that are currently considered “hot” or considered “news”.

    I think for example, if Google sees a spike in searches for a particular phrase, that provides a signal that they need to surface “fresher” results.

    Then, pretty quickly, the ranking slides unless it picks up inbound links.

  7. Joe, you can get Google Alerts by first having a Google Account and then signing up.

  8. Hi Lee – I’ve seen this too. Last week I coined the phrase “competitor deniability.” Before I posted, no results, check again about an hour after I hit publish, and the homepage – not the post page – was there.

  9. Liam Morrison spot on.

  10. Avatar Joe Whatnall says

    Thanks Lee, these look to be hugely useful.

  11. Hey Lee,

    Lee’s actually my nickname 🙂

    Crazy stuff. I had a similar scenario but with my YouTube video for the keywords “generating traffic”. I wasn’t indexed in an hour.. but about 48 hours.

    I was just going over the contents of this site and I couldn’t help but post a comment to say how informative your blog posts are.

    Great stuff.

    – Aurelius Tjin

  12. Google has been including SEO Theory blog posts in the Main Web Index in about 30 minutes for the past few weeks. Looks like they have tuned the engine a little.

  13. Thanks Aurelius, I appreciate that.

  14. Yup, we saw it product on our e-commerce site.

    Put some new giant party martini shakers on our AlwaysHappyHour.com regular website about 2 weeks ago, got a hit here and there, not much. Put it in our What’s New blog on Friday (3 days ago), and just Googled a few minutes ago after reading your article here, and sure enough there they/we are near the top on the first page….SWEET.

    Whatever the new Googlerythm fine tuning is they’re doing, for us it’s working, and that would seem to say to me, post more new products in our blog!

  15. Avatar Joe Whatnall says

    What are you using to let google know about new postings on your blog?

  16. Ya. I experienced that too. a blog that has started on 12 july got no 3 position for a phrase in google. Actually google search engine taking results from Google Blog search and google blog search is updating minutes by minutes. Here is the blog


  17. Sure,

    I too see such a trend in my blogspot.com blog. Everything I update, it is indexed by google in less than an hour. I have seen it several times in the past 30 days.

    I have not done any serious SEO for my blog, apart from a few inbound links.

  18. Having the exact same experience with blogs.

    Also had a newly launched corporate website partically indexed within 8 hours of going live.

    things are certainly getting quicker.

  19. Avatar James Burns says

    I had a blog that I had ignored for a while, added a new post, pinged it, and within an hour it was in the results and pretty high on the search results. Re affirmed my interest in blogging!

  20. Avatar Jason Bartholme says

    I organic traffic within 12 hours for one of my CSS lists that got popular on Digg, del.icio.us, and StumbleUpon. 12 hours was impressive, but I’m floored by just an hour.

  21. Hi Lee
    I did see my blog indexed well and ranked well once the universal search rolled out and not only the blog, the video showed up in a few days within the SERP as well for the term : indian cookery video or for Indian food video, Indian food podcast

  22. Avatar Michael Jensen says

    Just did another post, 30 minutes to indexed and ranked #2 for the keyword in the title. 🙂

  23. Yes i do agree with you people. with the help of blog site get index in hour but the one thing which is important that your blog should be popular enough.

    Dhiraj chaurasia

  24. I’m glad you mention this as I thought I was imagining things. Several of my posts have been stuck onto the first page after a couple hours. Unfortunatly, they do tend to slide down after about 24 hours.

    This is most noticable when a post has recieved a lot of Diggs . Maybe Google gets pinged, sees the site in Digg and thinks it’s found a great News story, so wacks it up the top of the list?

  25. Hi,

    This guy here (France) say he has inside nformation that Google cold be able to update world wide index in less than 15 minutes.

    He does try a few things to prove it :


    Seems like serious stuff is going on


  26. 15 mins is just impossible i guess.

  27. Really is it possible to get indexed by google in 15 minutes?

  28. Yes, Rohit it is really possible and I have seen similar results.

    I kick myself i have not started and managed any high value blogs.

  29. I am a newbie to blogging, and have been using WordPress for a couple of months, with out any real understanding of what was happening.

    However, when I started submitting posts, they ranked quickly for key words in the Google search (not the blog search- the regular Google search) I was very excited, and was seeing results quickly.

    Unfortuntately, this is no longer happening to me, and I don’t have a clue why. My blog posts just aren’t ranking well. All of my content is original and authentic, and I have not been engaged in any trickery or made any changes with the structure of the site.

    Can anyone tell me what is going on?

  30. Kermit, if your site is a new one, you’ll need to have patience and start promoting the site, not relying on search engines for your traffic. Get links from other relevant sites.

    There’s a small chance this can be sped up with a consultant, but it really depends on what you have to work with, your budget and of course, the consultant.

    If you have time, you can learn yourself but don’t hold your breath waiting for Google traffic while you do.

  31. Please give me some sugesstion for indexing my site http://www.bookcheapest.com in google.

  32. Oh nice Preeti,

    how do you expect to get your site ranked without any content pages at all?

    I wasted my time clicking to your website and seeing nothing but a home page with no working links.

    At least get your website in working condition before looking to promote your website – surely commenting on other blogs is not a good way of self promotion.


    Prince John

  33. We get indexed twice a day these days – I think Google have tweeked something.

  34. I see that Blogs’ posts with high PageRank indexed by google in 8-10 minutes. I have article about how to indexed a new site by google in 24 hour – http://shotazi.blogspot.com/2008/05/indexed-by-goole-in-24-hour.html.

  35. I’m seeing it within 10 minutes sometimes. I’ll get an alert just after I publish. First time it happened it gave me a shock!

  36. I know this is sort of an older post, but I got an alert that it had been updated. If anyone is still reading, the freshness issue seems to be getting stronger every day. I wrote a short post on my local political blog this morning, and and then went back to check on the number of incoming links. By the time I could check, I had a new link from Google Trends (?) for that post, in the Yahoo link counter. It was only about 10 minutes. That is almost frightening!

  37. I think article submission is the best method to get indexed on google. Try to submit your article to Ezine and other major article directories. The 2nd is directory submission.
    thanks for sharing.


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