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Apologies for the image quality as I forgot my camera at home and had to take this with my KRZR.

A new search marketing print publication has hit the mailboxes this week called Visibility. Backed by the company that publishes the popular internet marketing services site, topseos.com, this first issue includes a mix of articles as well as the current month’s rankings of top internet marketing services.

The first impression you get when picking it up is the beautiful image and design of the front cover. The paper quality is also very impressive. Open it up and you see great looking ads, similar to other SEM publications.

Now on to the content. The topical mix of articles is good ranging from a Bruce Clay profile to articles about local search marketing, click fraud, social media and blog optimization. There is a bit of a paradox when you compare the physical magazine to the editorial. The contributed articles are not bad, but I wonder if someone with deep knowledge of SEO/SEM reviewed? The Bruce Clay profile is written in an interesting way that makes you yearn for the Lisa Barone touch.

It would be an ambitious task for someone in the U.S. to plan, edit and publish a print publication focused on search marketing with so many changes occurring in the industry and the sheer volume of effort it takes to really “know” fact from fiction regarding SEM topics. With so many search marketers publishing content on a regular basis online, the editorial and writing quality bar is much higher than in some other marketing related industries.

This first issue of Visibility has really good structure, layout, ads, article topics, print and paper quality and will certainly be competitive as the editorial matures.

If any Online Marketing Blog readers have received a copy of Visibility, please leave your comments. I’m interested in your opinion.

(Disclosure: TopRank does some online PR for the site topseos.com, but we are not in any way involved with the print magazine, Visibilty)

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  1. Avatar Tony Tellijohn says

    Hmmm…went to their Web site, and I think I subscribed, but their form appears to be missing a little something…

    Maybe the post office here in Shakopee will just take the time to look me up, though…

  2. Is it just me or is there no way to actually just subscribe and pay online for the 4 issues like Search Marketing Standard?

    Why are they making users jump through the hoops just to get subscribed?

  3. Dave, there’s a form in the left column on the VisibilityMagazine.com web site for subscribing.

    It doesn’t look like there is a fee. There’s no price on the actual magazine either.

  4. That’s what I meant. Di you not pay for your subscription?

  5. Nope. I think they sent it out to the sites that are ranked in their monthly lists. I will ask the owner if they plan on selling it or just offering it for free (ad supported).

  6. Thanks Lee. I knew I should have forked out that 6k 😉

  7. Thanks for the post. I hope there’s no fee. I’d really like to subscribe!

  8. I received an email from Bill Peden, the executive editor of Visibility who had a few comments and clarifications:

    We are aware that our form does not include the street address and we are working to correct it.

    The magazine was sent out to all of the topseos.com members. Membership is absolutely free; it is up to the individual companies if they would like to invest in advertising, etc.

    We plan to keep the subscription for the magazine free for the first year, provided we can have key advertising firms support and back our vision for a strong SEO publication.

  9. I never filled in my address and never received an email confirmation after “subscribing” however, this morning, I received a copy in the post. That was a fantastic surprise.

    Somebody went to the effort of either looking at my business site or looking up my whois to actually send the magazine. I am impressed.

  10. Avatar Frankenstein says

    Got the street address in there but it sure doesn’t like addresses outside the US. Had to put in a fake zipcode to even get the form to submit. No info after about what happens next. Are they going to send me a copy of this first issue, do you know?

  11. The quality of the content is disappointing when compared to Search Marketing Standard. Perhaps it will improve with later editions? My first impression, though, is that it’s more a vehicle for promotion of the firms paying money to be listed in top seos than articles of genuine interest to the SEM community. You did ask. 😉

  12. OK, I am just finished reading the magazine and I have to say I am a little disheartened. I have to agree with Richard here.

    It looks like EVERY article in the magazine is written by one of the sponsors. Even the product review article is a positive bias review of one of the advertisers advertising on the next page!

    It also appears that the magazine is being sent out for free to increase the “circulation” for future advertisers.

    Finally, there is no mention in the “Ranking Criteria” on the rankings section that you also need to pay a fee to be considered.

    The paper is high quality though.

  13. Hi Lee,
    Thanks for the writeup and the forum for feedback. I had an article published in this first Vizibility magazine and received a copy – probably because I did have an article in it. I went to the website to request more copies but was unable to do so – I’m glad you talked to Bill and he is aware of the problem. I THINK they will have past editions as .pdf’s at some point in time as that page is on their website – hopefully that will be a more economical solution for delivering the content.

    One thing I think will speak to the “content” of the magazine is the length of time it took to get the first edition to press. I wrote and submitted my article about 4-5 months ago – minimum. After reading it I would change some things definitely – as things change quickly in this business. I think getting a first edition out was the difficult task but I also hope we can expect great things moving forward.

    I appreciate any feedback given, critical or otherwise. We certianly cant be better if we dont know what to fix.

  14. @DaveDavis

    I just wanted to let you know that we’re generally ranked about #30 on the list and I’m 90% sure we do not pay anything to TopSeo. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to say this – but what the heck – the ads in the first magazine were even free I think.


  15. Sorry for the late start but we just received our copy yesterday at the other side of the pond in the UK. I hope the first release has been a learning curve for Visibility – I found the articles in general to be of poor quality in terms of grammar and spelling.

    However, I do hope they carry on with the mag as its good to be able to connect with a published work that covers our industry.


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