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New TopRank Site Designs

Posted on Jul 25th, 2007
Written by Lee Odden
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    Layout 2

    Our emphasis on TopRank’s Online Marketing Blog has meant less attention to our company web site. However, as much of an asset the blog is, we simply could not go on any longer with a company web site designed by a non-designer (me) six years ago. I’m surprised more people have not made fun of how bad our current site is.

    After careful consideration of our company goals, objectives, messaging and target audience, we’ve finally initiated a new site for TopRank Online Marketing. This site not only presents a new design, but an up to date perspective on TopRank’s holistic approach to marketing online combining SEO, paid search, social media, email marketing and social media. Other content and features include: videos, a small number of podcasts, a blog powered media room, articles, site search, email newsletter, white papers and case studies as well a significantly improved site architecture for improved user and search engine interaction.

    Designs are being finalized, but I wanted to share a few screen shots of different home page layouts to give OMB readers a glimpse of what the new site might look like. The one change that will occur is how the logo appears in the header since red on black can be difficult to see. I sized the thumbnails myself instead of having Max do it, so forgive the image quality. Text is all placeholder as well.

    Layout 1
    Layout 3

    Layout 4

    If one of these layouts stands out to you, feel free to provide your feedback. While we’re undergoing our own usability testing process, I would be curious what OMB readers think as well.