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Have you noticed your blog has been dropped off the BIGLIST of SEO blogs? If so, you should know that we perform a periodic review of every blog on the list, nearly 400 of them, to ensure the blog is alive and active. No posts for 2 -4 weeks and it will be taken off the list.

Now on to this week’s update which includes two blogs and one very cool social media community for search marketing:

  • Hamlet Batista dot Com – This SEO blog promises a focus on the more advanced search engine optimization tactics drawn from personal experience with SEO consulting as well as affiliate marketing.
  • eCommerce Blog – Ethan from Baltimore based Groove eCommerce posts on this newer blog about industry and company news followed by topics ranging from SEO to analytics.
  • Sphinn (Editor’s Pick!) – A true nod to social media, Danny Sullivan’s newest release is already proving to be a very useful resource on topics and discussions related to search and online marketing. This Digg style site based on the Pligg platform, allows readers to register and create profiles, submit, comment and vote on stories. There are abundant community friendly features as well including the ability to “friend” other users, see who’s voted on stories, visited your profile and you can search for other like minded marketers with the Network page. There’s even an industry events resource.

Honorable mention:

  • SEM Geek – Greg Meyers of Commerce 360 posts, but not often enough, about paid search marketing.

For those blogs that want to share this recognition with their readers, be sure to grab a BIGLIST badge.

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  1. I’d like to “enhance” my link, so what do you think of a tiny code upgrade?

    <img alt="Seperator" src="http://toprankblog.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/seperators/S.png" height="20" width="549">

    <img alt="Super SEO Blogs: S" id="s" title="Super SEO Blogs: S" src="http://toprankblog.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/seperators/S.png" height="20" width="549">
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    would allow external hrefs like
    and on page links like #t

    On larger pages I link up and down with internal anchors all the time and visitors love that. Also, #top and #toc get clicked often.

  2. Lee,
    When I go to the biglist page, I only see down to E listed, with no next page option. Difficult to see if my blog is on there 😉

  3. Lee,

    Thanks for the inclusion. 🙂

  4. Lee, you’ve been linked from our
    SEO Blog for weeks and I’ve personally clicked on your link a bunch of times. We’d love to be included:.)

  5. Hey Simon, I’m having that checked out. It should be fixed shortly.

    You’re welcome Hamlet! Thanks for writing an interesting blog.

  6. Hi Todd, we’ll take a look. Thanks!

  7. Congrats Hamlet.
    Lee, you must read for like twenty hours a day!

  8. Well, if you’re taking a look at blogs suggested here Lee 😉


  9. Lee… Thanks for the love. See you in San Jose.

  10. 実に良い!

  11. Hi Lee,

    I would like to suggest a search marketing blog written in Portuguese. It is targeted to the market in Brazil where the search industry is growing very, very fast.

    The blog is called Daily Search, and the url is:


  12. Very nice list on http://toprankblog.wpengine.com/search-marketing-blogs/

    Only problem is, who in the world has the time to go through each one once a week, at least? The list is impressive and your analytical skills will be highly used when trying to determine what links to follow up with…

  13. Lee –

    One more blog suggestion:


    Thanks for providing such a useful resource!

  14. Avatar Greg Meyers says

    Hey Lee, great meeting you at past SES NY. Thank you for the Honorable Mention. I must admit, you are 100% correct that I do not post enough. It’s been a little tough to find the time these days, but I will start writing more, especially now.