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Top SEO Blogs by Link Popularity

Perusing feeds for search marketing blogs this evening I noticed a claim/post by Rand about one million links to seomoz.org and that is indeed what Yahoo Site Explorer reports. The posts goes on to explain how to achieve such “linkableness” and ends with a collection of search marketing blogs and the number of inbound links for comparison.

Since Online Marketing Blog was not included in the list, I thought I’d throw up that same list with OMB included. You’ll see us sandwiched between John Battelle’s Searchblog and Search Engine Roundtable. Not a bad showing by any standard. Thank you to all the sites that have linked to us and especially our many new and long time readers!

  • SEOBook.com – 1.7 million links
  • SearchEngineWatch – 1.3 million links
  • SEOmoz – 1.13 million links
  • SEOChat – 955K links
  • Battelle’s Searchblog – 606K links
  • Online Marketing Blog – 522k links
  • SERoundtable – 403K links
  • SearchEngineLand – 300K links
  • MattCutts – 371K links
  • SearchEngineJournal – 332K links
  • MarketingPilgrim.com – 181K links
  • SearchEngineGuide – 176K links
  • DaveN – 134K links
  • Official Google Webmasters Blog – 105K links
  • Shoemoney – 102K links
  • HighRankings – 88K links
  • Bruce Clay – 85K links

If you’re into lists and rankings of marketing oriented blogs, then be sure to check out these resources:

No matter what list a blog is on, it really doesn’t matter after the first interaction readers have with the content. If the content isn’t doing it’s job to satisfy reader interests, then they move on. Lists are only useful for standing out to new readers looking for additional resources, not for retaining them.

It can be a challenging task to stay consistent with content creation and perform company responsibilities, but if the topic is of sincere interest it will show and subscribers remain loyal.

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@LeeOdden is the CEO of TopRank Marketing and editor of Online Marketing Blog. Cited for his expertise by The Economist, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, he's the author of the book Optimize and presents internationally on B2B marketing topics including content, search, social media and influencer marketing. When not at conferences, consulting, or working with his talented team, he's likely running, traveling or cooking up something new.


  1. Quite an accomplishment, congratulations are in order.

  2. Avatar Will Rowan says

    I’m so glad you made the point that visitors’ first reaction to a page has to satisfy – just driving traffic with huge link numbers is pointless unless it’s traffic that’s interested in your content.

    Will Rowan

  3. Great post, Lee…is an interesting post that will definitely help me with some link building.

  4. me 🙂
    Inlinks (134,633)

  5. Hey Dave, you’ve been added!

  6. Good to see your right in the prime spot.

  7. So if I use my personal network to link to SEO Theory and get 100,000+ links overnight, will that count?

    What about all the RSS feed scraper sites that link to me? If I seed those feeds with links to SEO Theory, will they count?

    Link popularity means nothing. It’s a number.

  8. It’s funny you put it that way Michael as I’ve noticed that many of the links Yahoo detects are not really links at all. For example, when one site “borrows” another site’s image, Yahoo site explorer sees that as a link.

    Am not sure if you caught it, but the reason I did this post was because of OMB’s exclusion from Rand’s list.

    By the way, let’s see that 100k links put into practice. I’d like to see if you can really do that.

  9. My links have to be earned, Lee. Even I have to earn them. 🙂

  10. An interesting post but makes me think if all those links really relevant to the blog. SEOBook’s links might be just because the affiliate links.

    Congrats to those blogs that made it.

  11. More information that i will put to use. Thanks.

  12. That’s a quite interesting comparison. So Aaron Wall is on top, and his just one. He wrote a Book, but not any book. The SEOBook. Ok, I agree, links mean that they are all worthy, but can you quantify and say that if Aaron Wall’s SEOBook is 4 times larger than SERoundtable with 403,000 links, the SEOBook is 4 times better or 4 times more appropriate? Probably not. What do you think?

  13. Very interesting…I suspect one reason Aaron Wall’s SEOBook site is on top is the number of affiliates gunning for a commission on a sale. Just look around and see how many Blogs about Blogging, SEO, SEM, etc. have an affiliate link back to him on their sidebar (which means it shows up in every permalinked post in many cases). Is there a backlink counting tool that counts the number of unique domains (not URLs) that link to a particular URL?

  14. Avatar Jason Bartholme says

    Those are some massive numbers. It give me something to shoot for with my paltry 9k links, according to Site Explorer.

  15. Hi Lee,

    Haven’t crawled your site in awhile, good to see some nice posts waiting to be consumed!

    These link popularity contests has stirred up quite an uproar with Australian bloggers as neither Google (using “link:”), Yahoo (using Yahoo! Site Explorer) or MSN (using “link:”) give reliable results, the number of inbound links varies enormously. What are you thoughts on the inconsistency of reported links?

    Cheers. 😀

  16. Amazing numbers, indeed! I guess I’ll have to work on raising my 12K score a bit, maybe doubling it over the next year or so.

  17. Hi Michael, I think the inconsistencies with link data has to be taken with a relative grain of salt just like we do with the search volume numbers given by keyword research tools.

    Over time, these sorts of measurements can provide insight, but a one time snapshot is pretty much useless.

  18. How I wish my blog will be included in this list a year from now… I think everything is possible if we continue the hard work in promotion..


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