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8 Reasons Why Blogger Rocks

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Blogger Draft LogoWordPress.com is all the rage, but Blogger has been around for quite a while and there are a few perks to using it. Here are a few I could come up with.

  1. Editable Templates – No extra fee here, you can customize your Blogger templates to meet your needs.
  2. Easier Widgets – This one comes from Anthony who feels that the ability to add widgets (or page elements) to Blogger is easier than over at WordPress.
  3. AdSense – Blogger makes adding ads quite easy. Before you know it, you’ll be making a quarter a day!
  4. Video Upload – Currently in draft mode, but Blogger is going to allow direct video uploading into your post. The functionality is much like you already do for images. Sadly it doesn’t also publish to YouTube from what I can tell.
  5. FeedBurner – FeedBurner functionality is built right in now that Google owns FeedBurner. More integration is probably coming too.
  6. Publish via FTP – This is a big one, the ability to FTP your files to a directory on your own site is great. This means you can host your own blog, on your own site, regardless of your server setup.
  7. Free Domain Mapping – If you have your own URL, you can get domain mapping for free.
  8. Google Love – Some people believe that since Google owns Blogger, you get better rankings and traffic right out of the gate. Not sure if I believe this, but I thought I’d add it.

Those are the items I could come up with. I feel as if my list is coming up a bit short though. Anyone else know of some nice Blogger features that maybe the other hosted blogging solutions don’t have?


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  1. #1 – same on WP.
    #2 – Not true. ‘Plugin Installer’ lets you install from admin effortlessly.
    #3 – Like we need more of that… It would be nice if you needed a PhD to install AdSense to keep every moron out there from hiding their posts beneath it only so they can generate a total revenue of $0/mo. *sigh*
    #4 – The right plugin will let you play just about anything, from anywhere.
    #5 – It’s surprising how many don’t know about it regardless of platform!
    #6 – Why don’t you just run a blog from your site?!
    #7 – Again, why send someone offsite to access your blog?! It’s a matter of congruence – say it with me people, CON-GRU-ENCE.
    #8 – Sounds like incest to me… 😉

    Ok, so yes, I use WP and like it very much. I’ve managed to ‘save’ a few folks from continuing with their Blogger account (I think it makes them ‘born again’ or something). The only issue I really have with Blogger is that if you have a domain – run your own blog! Why send someone offsite to a confusing URL? How many times have people typed in xyz.blogger.com and got nothing? Oh right, it’s on BLOGSPOT because….?! If you have your own domain – host your own. Can’t? Change hosting companies. Don’t know how? Get a hosting company that provides Fantastico – it’s pretty much idiot-proof. Domains are cheap and hosting is cheap – there really is no reason unless YOU are cheap.. 😉

  2. William
    Where as I agree with your thoughts, my post is about comparing WordPress.com hosed blogs to Blogger.com hosted blogs. Getting your own WordPress blog install from WordPress.org and putting it on your own hosting account is definitely the way to go. But, for those that want a pre-hosted (blogspot.com or wordpress.com) solution, they are probably looking at Blogger or WordPress.com. 🙂

  3. I’ve been using Blogger for a long time. For some reason, I don’t use WordPress at all. If I host a blog (and I do in fact host 2) I rather use NucleusCMS, a relatively unknown, but cool little blogging platform.

    That aside, I’m using Blogger for 3 active blogs and plan to start some more. It’s true that you have less control over your blog at Blogger than on a hosted one, but there are several advantages as well (free, you don’t have to worry about bandwidth, etc).

    Plus, Blogger allows you to use a custom domain with your blog for free!