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Google Dance 2007 Photos

Google Dance

Google did it again last night with a cast of thousands partying their way from 7-11:30 pm at the Googleplex. The rock ‘n roll theme with tattoo inspired artwork set the stage for another festive post conference event. There was dancing and buffets both inside and out, chess, pool, karyoke, meet the engineers and many, many kegs of beer/bottles of wine. Nothing ran out this time except the very cool looking T-Shirts.

TopRank Blogging Team

Always looking to shake things up, the TopRank blogging team convinced Google security to cough up a volleyball and promptly started a game in Google’s sandy volleyball court.

Line for Google Dance
Waiting in line for the bus to Google Land.

Bussing it to the Google Dance
Driving into the sunset, literally.

Welcome to the Google Dance!
Pretty Googlers welcoming SEOs with clapping and cheering. Riiiiight.

Lee Odden Kevin Ryan
What? Kevin Ryan is taller than me? I think he was cheating.

Playing Pool at Google Dance
Pool is cool at the Googleplex.

This is chess not checkers!
Just say yes to chess!

Rave it up at Google Dance
Dancing in the Googledome.

Google Dance 2007
Thomas made it inside the Googleplex.

Google Dance 2007
Meet the Google Engineers.

Google Dance 2007
Mike Yanke and Dana Larson from TopRank.

Google Dance 2007

Playing Games at Google Dance
Go racers.

Cooking it up at Google Dance
Cooking things up in the Google Lunchroom.

Rhea Tamar and Lee
Rhea, Tamar and Lee

BFF RKelly and The Lisa
BFF RKelly and The Lisa

Lucky Lady
Matt, Elisabeth and Joe striking a post at the ‘plex.

Daron Babin David Roth
Daron Babin & David Roth

Shiny Happy People
Where’s the party? We ARE the party!

You can take a look at the many other photos taken during the 2007 Google Dance over at TopRank’s Flickr account.

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  1. Avatar Thomas McMahon says

    Thanks to all who joined in our volleyball game. It was a lot of fun! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the pics..! The dance was a blast.. and you are right the t-shirts were very cool.. it was my first time to SES San Jose, but I will definitely be back.. hope you guys had a great time as well!

  3. saw some funny coverage of the event here http://bub.blicio.us/?p=355

  4. Hey you guys were really cool to talk to in line and on the bus ride to Google for the dance. Hope to run into you guys again at one of the upcoming conferences.


  5. You guys do any of the Karaoke? When I searched on the Google Dance I noticed a bunch of published videos on Youtube. Some of them are pretty funny. American Idol pre season funny. This one is my favorite. http://youtube.com/watch?v=n7rVs2ITKLI
    If you guys did one post it up, so we can all see.


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  2. SearchCap: The Day In Search, August 22, 2007 says:

    […] Google Dance 2007 Photos, Online Marketing Blog […]

  3. Rick Klau from Chicago to Honorary Engineer at the Google Dance says:

    […] Rick Klau was an honorary engineer for one night at the Google Dance 2007. You’ll recall that Rick, formerly “Mr. Naperville”, moved west to work at Google’s headquarters shortly after Feedburner’s acquisition. Rick reports that his commute consists of a short 10 minute drive followed by a one hour bus ride that is fully productive with Internet access. It was nice to see you Rick, hope to see you again soon! […]