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SES Video: Vanessa Fox Google Webmaster Tools

Even though she’s moved on from Google to Zillow, Vanessa Fox still carries quite a bit of passion for her creation, Google Webmaster Tools which was renamed from Google sitemaps about a year ago. She was even spotted at the Google Dance giving advice to SES attendees at the Google Webmaster Tools product demo table.


Many webmasters and beginning search marketers could benefit a great deal from the features offered by Google Webmaster Tools so I asked Vanessa if she’d do a short video with me to provide a few tips.

For more info on Google Webmaster Central visit the blog.

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  1. Avatar Mukund Mohan says

    Thanks for the extended coverage of SES for us folks that could not make it. Very useful. Can you do a quick (yes most folks are lazy) top 3 things you picked up NEW, top 3 items that have still open issues? Thanks a lot.

    Great coverage from all your team.

  2. Avatar frank burns says

    Dear Vanessa, I wonder if you can help me. I have just established this website but it is not correctly setup just yet. The main problem that I am having right now is the introduction into Google’s Adsense setup area.I do not have the experience of setting this up and definitely need help here.By the heading of my new website, it is a passion driven site which I have worked hard at for the last 12 months and I do not want to see my efforts collapse due to errors. I have purchased quite a few programs with resell rights and I intend to upload these to my website with the notion in mind to donate the majority of all sales for an account in America & Australia.These accounts will be revenue raising accounts to help farmers.I would be willing to compensate you for your time, I am in the beginner’s stage at the moment so my funding is limited but there again as I have already intimated,the tragedy would be at the peril of a lot of people who just don’t get adequate support where it is most needed.I live in a rural landscape setting deep in the outback of Western Australia but that is not a disadvantage in any one way.Thank You for any support or advice. Frank Burns


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