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Session: Public Relations Train Wrecks in the Interactive Biz

Online Marketing Blog’s coverage from day one of Search Engine Strategies San Jose 2007

Kevin Ryan, Brad Berens and Rebecca Lieb

Day 1 at SES San Jose began with the “no more horsing around” session, “Public Relations Train Wrecks in the Interactive Biz: Disaster Can be Avoided”, moderated by Kevin Ryan, VP & Global Content Director of SES & Search Engine Watch.

For those that remember my introductory post, this session held special interest, for, in my role as an Account Manager handling the Public Relations initiatives of several client firms, I constantly strive to ensure the phrase “train wreck” is the furthest concept away from not only my own personal vocabulary, but my client’s business psyches.

SES Videos – Conversation with Michael Gray and Bryan Eisenberg

While in the speaker ready room this morning, I had the chance to sit down with Michael Gray and Bryan Eisenberg for a quick discussion about social media marketing and the changes with the influence “friends” have on social news sites like Digg.

Does reducing the weight of votes from “friends” take away from the reason people engage with social media sites? Find out in the video:


SES San Jose Videos – Dan Perry

Our first video from Search Engine Strategies San Jose is with Dan Perry of who talks about the value of attending search marketing conferences for in-house SEMs. He also promotes the SEMPO in-house search marketing event this evening where he’s the MC.


SES San Jose Day Minus One

San Jose Convention Center

The TopRank team arrived in San Jose about noon and it was the first time I’ve been on a flight in six months where there wasn’t some sort of delay. Luckily, we scored exit row seats for everyone on the way here, hopefully it will be that way going home as well.

TopRank SES Bloggers

After getting settled at the Fairmont, THANKS JOE MORIN!, and bumping into Mike McDonald from WebProNews, we headed over to Gordon Biersch for lunch. As usual the outside courtyard was very nice as was the food. Bumped into Mike McDonald from WPN again. Is he stalking us? 🙂

Dana Larson Thomas McMahon

Viral Marketing

So what is the coolest new viral campaign online and why? Check out and then come back here.

There isn’t anything on the page, is there?

Certainly not that photo of Aaron Eckhart that can be found by removing “too” from the URL:

There’s simply a message saying “Page Not Found”.

Do you feel like me the first time you viewed this site, thinking that you must have missed part of an exciting new campaign for the upcoming Batman epic “The Dark Knight”, of which Harvey Dent, Gotham’s DA and future criminal mastermind “Two Face” would, surely play an integral role? Do you feel compelled, like I did, to search out a forum for more?

Facebook Zombies – Marketing to Gen Y

Facebook recently deployed an applications programs interface allowing users to create widgets or share applications within their network.

One application in particular caught my interest as it allows you to turn your virtual self into a zombie and “infect” other people by biting them (through email invitation of course). Your zombie gains points as you infect more and more people. In the 3 days that I have had the application up and running, I have infected 6 people who have infected others as well.

After accumulating a certain number of zombie points by infecting others, your virtual self reaches the next level after which you are able upgrade to another type of zombie. In all, nearly 400,000 Facebook users currently subscribe to the zombie application.

Heading out to SES San Jose

Myself, along with a few members of the TopRank crew, will be traveling out to SES in San Jose next week. This is my second time to California for SES and I’m excited to get the opportunity.

While out there, I’ll be covering a few sessions over on the Online Marketing Blog so be sure to watch that next week. I may also post a few here too during or after the conference. 🙂

If you’re going to attend too, look me up and say HI!

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SES San Jose 2007 Special Events, Er Parties

We all know networking with other smart search marketers, prospective clients, marketing partners and candidates is one of the biggest benefits of attending search marketing conferences. Many times, this comes in the form of parties, some of which have been pretty fun in years past, especially anything involving WebmasterRadio.FM.

However, the trend regarding post conference events has shied away from big extravaganzas and more towards exclusive, invite-only private parties. Matt Cutts from Google had some thoughtful things to say about this at last year’s Pubcon.

For the thousands of SES San Jose attendees NOT on the invite list of such gatherings, there are a good number of “open to all” events being published by SES:

Writing Title Tags for Search Engines & People

Say WhatThe title tag is probably one of the most important items on your blog posts. It not only attracts visitors, but is also used to help determine how the post ranks. However, what’s good for search engines, isn’t always good to attract users. The good news is that with WordPress blogs, you can target the best of both worlds a lot easier.

To do this, you’d create a post with a title that is targeted towards getting people from blog search engines or grab their attention in feed readers. Something that jumps out a little or that makes the reader want more.

Then, using SEO Title Tag, you can customize the page title for search engines. This may be a bit more formal and include a few more keyword phrases. Still very relevant to the content, but maybe not as edgie as the actual post title.

On The Way To SES San Jose

As a result of winning the TopRank challenge, I am excitedly off to SES San Jose next weekend where I will be put up in luxury shared accommodations (Note from Lee: That’s supposed to be a 900 sq ft suite – I bet you never even see Thomas while you’re there.) and spending the week filling my head, and yours through my regular postings, with every last detail I can possibly acquire regarding search engine marketing and optimization.

So what am I looking forward to most, outside of the Google Dance, of course?

SES San Jose, Here I Come

Hello loyal Online Marketing Blog readers!  I am the aspiring linking guru around these parts, trying to learn as much as possible while still kicking butt for our clients. It has been an educational and thoroughly enjoyable time with the TopRank team so far.

In just over a week, I will be heading to SES San Jose with my colleagues, Mike, Melinda, Thomas and our CEO Lee Odden. I cannot even begin to describe how excited I am for this conference. Finally, I get to put faces to the names I have been hearing every day since I started. I will get to network with seasoned SEO and SEM professionals and probably take in more information in three days than I did during one semester of college.

What Not To Do With Your Business Blog

This morning, and I mean really early morning, I went about my weekly perusal of about 50 or so SEO and SEM blogs. For the most part this is a very informative and satisfying experience. However, there are a few barriers to blog reader experience that I feel especially obligated to point out. These observations are relevant for any business blog:

  • Don’t make readers register or login to make a comment. What, you’re too lazy to manage all the comment spam? Or install a better spam filter? You’re lucky to get people to your blog in the first place. Why make it inconvenient to interact?