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TopRank Bloggers to Cover SES San Jose 2007


I wasn’t sure we’d be able to pull all the pieces together, but you should see five of our TopRank team at the upcoming Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose blogging sessions, networking and bringing a new perspective to the event coverage.

The TopRank bloggers will include a mix of of perspectives and experience with search marketing.

If you’re a long time reader of Online Marketing Blog then you’re likely familiar with Thomas McMahon, who posts here on occasion but mostly at If you need to know anything about blogging, blog software, blog promotion and all the widgets and plugins that go with it, be sure to visit BloggerDesign. Thomas has been responsible for keeping Online Marketing Blog designed well and running smoothly along with making tools like the RSS Button maker and the Social Bookmarks creator over the past 3+ years. Thomas really wants a new MacBook Pro and if he’s good the next 2 weeks, he’ll have one on the way to San Jose.

How to Create Blogger Label Feeds – August 2007

Blogger Logo BlocksGetting the feed for a particular label in Blogger is much harder than it should be. Really, Blogger should just give them to us, but instead, they send us to help documents that may not help.  To make it even better, just because your label feeds use to work, they may no longer work as I found out the other day for a client. I did my research and here is how you can get your own label feeds on Blogger blogs.

If you have a Blogspot blog:

Just be sure to change blogname to match your blog. The labelname is what appears in the URL of your blog label page.

Example URL:
Example Feed:

If you host your own blog:

ad:tech Chicago Keynote: Building Brands in a Digital Age

Note from Editor: TopRank Account Manager, Jolina Pettice recently attended the ad:tech conference in Chicago. Along with her formidable knowledge gathering and networking duties, Jolina is sharing notes and observations on a few of the sessions. Enjoy!

The second keynote speech at ad tech Chicago included a panel of leading marketing folks discussing how to build great brands in the digital age.

The panelists, including those below, shared their insight on building brands such as, Ponitac Sunfire, McDonalds and its recent collaboration with Shrek and the like:
Marc Landsberg, President, Arc Worldwide
Suzie Reider, Head of Advertising Sales,
Tor Myhren, Executive Creative Director, Executive VP, Leo Burnett Detroit
Robert Leverone, VP, Television, Dow Jones

An overarching theme of ad:tech this week was how to engage prospects and consumer in conversation with company and/or client brands.

Reader Poll: NYC or SanFran

reader poll

In November I’ve been asked to speak at a conference occurring on both the east and west coasts at pretty much the same time. I am only able to make one of them and all things are pretty much the same about the events, just different locations. So it’s come down to which city: New York or San Francisco?

November is a bit chilly for New York but certainly no worse than here in Minneapolis. New York is also one of my favorite cities in the world. San Francisco will be warmer and is also a great place to see and do things. The business opportunities are about the same as far as the speaking event and attendees. There are many pros and cons for both locations so this week’s Reader Poll aims to tap into the superior travel savvy-ness of Online Marketing Blog Readers to ask:

Which city would you rather visit?

Don’t Let Microsoft Ruin Your Blog

As blogs become more and more mainstream, issues are coming up that blog software is not quite ready to take on. One of them is formatting issues created by copying and pasting content from Microsoft Word, Explorer, Outlook or even from Firefox!

The issue is that users are creating or finding content with other programs, then copying and pasting it into the WYSIWYG editor in their blog software. When that happens, the editor does it’s best to keep the same formatting including fonts, font sizes, line spacing, colors and much more. Any content copied from a Microsoft document will also come across with hidden, Microsoft only, tags such as the <o:p> and [endif] tags. This formatting then overrides the blogs default font, size and formatting tags giving your blog an inconsistent look and feel.

BIGLIST Search Marketing Blogs Update 080307

SEO Blogs

Never fear, the BIGLIST weekly update of SEM and SEO blogs is here! This week’s update offers a nice mixture of old and new. Enjoy!

  • The Search Insider – Not to be confused with MediaPost’s “Search Insider”, this blog from Wpromote’s Mike Mothner provides insight into pay per click and the business of search marketing.
  • Web Usability, Experience and SEO Blog – Tanya Vaughan, SEO Global Program Manager for does a very nice job of posting about HP’s experiences with search marketing intermingled with industry observations. This is a refreshing “total picture” blog focusing on both traffic driving mechanisms as well as user experience.
  • SunTZU SEO Blog – Jeff Hinds blogs about SEO from Kansas City with a great collection of search marketing resources and industry insights on topics ranging from local search to PPC to social media and online reputation management.

9 Wishes For a Better Yahoo

Editors Note:  As part of our continued effort at diversifying contributors to Online Marketing Blog and providing a public communication platform for our merry band of search marketing enthusiasts, here is a post from Blog SEO and Designer, Thomas McMahon:

Yahoo Logo

Yahoo is by many accounts, the grandfather of search. They’ve been around a long time and have quite a few popular services to offer but continue to trail behind Google in many areas. I’m a fan of Yahoo and think there are a few things that could make Yahoo better. Here are a few of the improvements I’d like to see Yahoo implement to make them a better search engine:

Vintage Search Engine Strategies San Jose

While moving some of the material from my home office to our Lake Minnetonka office, I recently came across the SES San Jose 2004 Conference Handbook (dust and all) which was the first SES conference I ever attended. Paging through my notes was a trip down memory lane (in internet time). People talk about how things change so quickly with search marketing, but looking at the content from this event 3 years ago was tangible evidence.

For example, the session on “Web Feeds, Blogs and Search” with Danny moderating and speakers: Scott Rafer of Feedster (Now with MyBlogLog/Yahoo), Amanda Watlington of Searching for Profit, Jeremy Zawodney of Yahoo, Chris Tolles from Topix and Mark Fletcher from Bloglines (Now an property). In my notes it mentions that there were 4.1 million blogs and that the number would hit 10 million by the end of 2004. Now in 2007 Technorati reports over 92.4 million blogs. Who knew then blogs would take off? Amanda did.

8 Reasons Why Blogger Rocks

Blogger Draft is all the rage, but Blogger has been around for quite a while and there are a few perks to using it. Here are a few I could come up with.

  1. Editable Templates – No extra fee here, you can customize your Blogger templates to meet your needs.
  2. Easier Widgets – This one comes from Anthony who feels that the ability to add widgets (or page elements) to Blogger is easier than over at WordPress.
  3. AdSense – Blogger makes adding ads quite easy. Before you know it, you’ll be making a quarter a day!
  4. Video Upload – Currently in draft mode, but Blogger is going to allow direct video uploading into your post. The functionality is much like you already do for images. Sadly it doesn’t also publish to YouTube from what I can tell.