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Blogging MonkeysWhile out at SES San Jose, I couldn’t pass up the SEO Through Blogs & Feeds session. On the panel were Stephan Spencer of Netconcepts, Rick Klau from FeedBurner (now Google), Doug Hay of Expansion Plus Inc. and Greg Jarboe of SEO-PR.

Here are a few of the blog optimization tips they gave out.

  • Ensure your feeds are showing the full post, not just excerpts.
  • Up the number of items in your feed from 10 to 20 to give users more.
  • Consider promoting other feeds such as categories & comments.
  • Be sure your blog has a good internal linking structure. This can be done through category names, tag names or linking to your other posts inside new posts.
  • The date archives are kind of pointless, instead, use good categories or tags to organize content.
  • Promote your top 10 posts.
  • Add nofollow to date based archives and comments links to help redirect search engines to other, more valuable, areas of your blog.
  • Claim your blog at Technorati.
  • Use the SEO Title Tag plugin.
  • When naming your blog, use keywords if possible as that’ll help out in the log run.
  • Consider having a sticky post on the homepage.
  • Social networks encourage feed distribution which is an easy way to promote your feeds.
  • FeedBurner PRO features are now free.
  • The XML stitemap protocol supports feeds.
  • FeedBurner tip, turn on item views, clicks and enclosure downloads.
  • The auto-discovery tag ‘advertises’ your feeds availability to browsers and bots.
  • If doing podcast, include show notes on your blog so search engines can index the content.
  • Everyone has a blog. Estimated 93.8 million blogs and there may soon more blogs than websites.
  • It’s now about performance and results, not just having a blog.

The best item out of the SEO Through Blogs & Feed session was an example where a company promoted their product through other blogs. The company themselves didn’t even have a blog, but pitched bloggers that may be interested in posting about their product and had much success generating buzz, traffic and revenue through blogs. You no longer need a blog as being able to leverage other authoritative blogs can give you the results you’re looking for.

I’m always amazed at the items that come up in discussion at the blog sessions at conferences. I’ve been to a few and some topics are very similar while others promote new angles that hadn’t been discussed before. It really goes to show you how blogs are evolving and the power and possibility behind them.

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  1. Thomas.

    these are excellent tips. I will be implementing some of them on our site. I am not a big fan of category feeds but I like the rest of the suggestions.