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SES San Jose 2007 Special Events, Er Parties

We all know networking with other smart search marketers, prospective clients, marketing partners and candidates is one of the biggest benefits of attending search marketing conferences. Many times, this comes in the form of parties, some of which have been pretty fun in years past, especially anything involving WebmasterRadio.FM.

However, the trend regarding post conference events has shied away from big extravaganzas and more towards exclusive, invite-only private parties. Matt Cutts from Google had some thoughtful things to say about this at last year’s Pubcon.

For the thousands of SES San Jose attendees NOT on the invite list of such gatherings, there are a good number of “open to all” events being published by SES:

August 20: SEMPO “Search is Right Night” San Jose Convention Center, Room B
August 21: Networking Reception in the Exhibit Hall
August 21: AOL Search Lunch
August 21: Google Dance 2007 (Favorite quote overheard from one Googler to another at last year’s Google Dance: “Look at all these inebriated SEOs.”
August 21: Keynote conversation with Ask.com CEO
August 22: Keynote conversation with Marissa Mayer, Vice President, Search Products & User Experience at Google
August 22: WebmasterRadio.FM SearchBash (RSVP here)

The SES “Party” thread at the Search Engine Watch forum is pretty much devoid of any info on any other events with the exception of something about a DoubleClick event on Wed. Joe Morin, who usually manages that thread, says party holders are keeping specifics very private.

If you’re a speaker, exhibitor or sponsor of the SES San Jose conference, there’s a reception on Monday night. Also on Monday is the SEMPO In-House SEM Meeting at the Il Fornaio at Sainte Claire Ballroom. Gotta be an in-house search marketer for that one. Alan Dick of Vintage Tub and Bath along with sponsors have the ultra exclusive “SES Dinner” Monday night as well. Here are photos of that event from SES New York.

Just remember, that happy feeling you get from your competitor buying you all those drinks will be long gone the next morning. 🙂

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  1. I had just started pinging friends about where the parties are at, thanks Lee.

  2. Avatar Kim Krause Berg says

    I’ve always been curious about what the criteria is for being invited to these private parties.

  3. Avatar Marketing Man says

    Here in the UK I was lucky enough to get invited to something similar.

    It was a great networking event, but I have since been stalked by a life/confidence coach who seems to think I am going to sign up to her programme!

  4. I guess Joe Morin is no longer the SES party guy.

  5. Hi Kim, I really don’t know. I think you just have to make enough of the right kind of noise and get noticed.

  6. Avatar Kim Krause Berg (cre8pc) says


    I kinda figured there was like a secret handshake or something 🙂

    As for Joe, he scares me with what he can do. He helped get Rand and MysteryGuest the most famous wedding engagement experience ever and handled the parties and gatherings for SES, and is now working on Pubcon for fun in Las Vegas.

  7. Wow, that’s an impressive array of parties! Can’t wait to meet everyone there. From London this event looks like it is going to be HUGE. There’s an official SES moblog for delegates to post their cameraphone pics, so those who can’t make it to San Jose can keep up with the action as it happens. I’m definitely going to be snap happy – so watch out! 😀

  8. Open parties are always more interesting otherwise they turn from networking parties to conferences.

  9. You don’t mind if I link to this do you? 🙂 Didn’t think you would!

  10. It is too bad that these parties are soo exclusive but then again… I suppose we wouldn’t want into them so badly if they weren’t 😉

    Thanks for the post Lee.


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