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SES Video Tim Mayer of Yahoo Interview

Posted on Aug 20th, 2007
Written by Lee Odden
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    Tim Mayer Yahoo

    Going through proper channels, I was able to coordinate a short video interview with Tim Mayer of Yahoo. I’m a bit of a Yahoo fan and it was great being able to chat with Tim for a few minutes before we recorded on the various questions other speakers suggested.

    In this video, Tim answers a few questions including:

    • What’s in store for Yahoo’s version of Universal search?
    • From Mike Grehan: “Why does my spam work so much better in Yahoo than it does in Google?”
    • From Stephan Spencer: “If another Yahoo web property was found to have violated Yahoo’s guidelines, what would you do?” ie, “What if you caught another Yahoo web site spamming, would you ban them?”
    • What’s you favorite thing about search marketing conferences?


    Thanks to Tim for being such a great sport!