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Not many additions this week, but we did do a bit of housecleaning. Fifty blogs were removed due to non-activity.

Also, our diligent maintainer of the BIGLIST was kind (too kind in my opinion) to note previously removed blogs which have now started posting regularly again. These are on probation but will be added back in for now. Otherwise, if you’ve been dropped, you’ll need to email us to be added back. Welcome to the BIGLIST people!

SEO Blogs:

  • White – UK based agency blogging observations on the major search engines as well as topics related to search engine optimization, social media and PPC.
  • martinibuster.net – Roger Montii is back with his hard won wisdom of link building and SEO.
  • Link Moses – Eric Ward blogs “the word” about sustainable link building. Let’s just hope his blogging sustains as well. 🙂
  • Tony Hill’s Ad Publishing Blog – Tony writes about monetizing web content with contextual ads and other money making ideas.
  • Muhammad Saleem – Moved his mu life blog over to this new destination writing mostly about marketing with social media.

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