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What Can You Do With MyBlogLog? Tips from 18 Members

Posted on Oct 25th, 2007
Written by Lee Odden
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    As both an active participant (first and foremost) and a consultant in the ways of social media, it occurred to me that we should engage the communities of interest we’re involved with for tips. Who better to get tips on social media from than people who are actually USING social media?

    Online Marketing Blog, which has a top 50 MyBlogLog community, is fairly active and even interviewed MyBlogLog CEO Scott Rafer. Today I pinged the members of our MBL community and within a very short period of time received about 20 responses. Here are 17 that made the cut and one of our own.

    Our first tip on MyBlogLog is from none other than Robyn Tippins, Community Manager at MyBlogLog and a blogger at Practical Blogging.

    We made tags searchable a few months ago, with one caveat: 3 people have to tag something in order for it to be included. In other words, say you tag your own community ‘seo’. Until 2 other people agree by clicking the green plus button, that tag doesn’t get into the search results. The more times someone does this, they higher up in the results you are going to show 🙂 A good example is sexyseo (username). She ranks number one for SEO.
    [Note from Lee. Before you go and get tempted to abuse this, understand that it’s pretty easy to spot abuse and suffer the consequences. ]

    Wayne Smallman
    In answer to your q. about tips for MyBlogLog, for me, it’s the simple things — I thank people for adding me as a friend. I mostly reciprocate. If I want to message my Community members, I do so privately, and I do not send links in messages, unless they’re private messages to ‘known’ friends.

    I have been using MyBLogLog for about 10 months now and these are a few tips I use regularly for marketing my blogs and getting exposure on MBL:
    (1) Join like-minded communities
    (2) Leave personal comments (not cheesy ones or mass use) on profile/community pages that refect something you liked or learned from their blog
    (3) USE TAGS!!! Since using the tag feature, (Technology for Real Estate) is now in row 1, spot #1 when you search “real estate” on MBL. My avatar also appears on the first page for that search.
    (4) It doesn’t hurt to have a nice looking avatar…at least that’s what I’m told. 🙂

    Tips on MyBlogLog traffic;
    1. Make a noticable Avatar that stands out in a good way.
    2. Visit blogs that visit you and lear and postback if they are related (standard blog practice of course)
    3. Don’t spam people with “thank you for visiting” messages… if the Blog is good enough, leave a relevant comment on that blog.
    4. Write good posts yourself (but you know how to do that)
    5. Make sure you tagg the blogs with the right terms. Looking forward too your post on about the Tips you received.

    The biggest My BlogLog benefit to me has been the ability to monitor who in the SEO industry is visiting my chiropractic blog. From that I’ve made some valuable contacts for articles and guest posts, created a list of SEOs I’d recommend to others, and created a list of people to buy drinks for at my next SEO conference.

    Organic Response
    I think the Recent Readers widget is one of the coolest features of MyBlogLog. Putting a face and/or name to the people checking out your blog gets me jazzed up about writing frequent quality content. A great motivator when starting to get a blog off the ground.

    This is what I have done (with mybloglog marketing)
    1. Make sure you are logged into mybloglog before surfing the web – and specifically before using stumbleupon – which is a great place to find new blogs.
    2. When you notice someone visited your site with mybloglog – add them as a contact and send them a quick note. This I have found increases readership and community members. Also if the member has a blog that looks good to you – join the community on mybloglog.

    Tanner Hobin
    One thing I always wanted from MyBlogLog was a button for my site that visitors could use to join my community. So I created one. It hasn’t been too long since I created it, so I can’t really provide any stats regarding it’s success. I also used to reach out to people who have viewed my site, and encourage them to join my community. I need to start doing that again. Anyway, hope this helps and thanks for putting it together. Tanner Hobin

    Here is a tip about MyBlogLog, actully visit the blogs shared in MyBlogLog and leave a comment on their MyBlogLog page about them. You will find something good and/or something you never seen before and it will be appreciated and you will get more views and more members on your own MyBlogLog page.

    Charles Lau
    MyBlogLog is the first thing to start to get your blog socialized around the world! Get started now and have your first wave of traffic coming in. MyBlogLog is the social networking link between each and everyone of us!

    MyBlogLog tips: Join large communities – your avatar/picture will appear letting others know you belong to the same community leading visitors to your page. Enable your feed Add Tags to your profile. Also add tags to your favorite communities.

    Fred W
    Here are a few tips for using MyBlogLog I put in a blog post: Fred

    • Pick an image that stands out but is still somewhat professional..
    • Never copy and paste the same message to the owner’s of different communities.
    • When you leave a message, make it personal.
    • Never leave a comment that just says ‘Great Blog’.
    • Find communities you like and add at least one each day.
    • When you leave a message in one of your communities, try to make it relevant to that community
    • Put the MyBlogLog plugin on your site.

    For me, MyBlogLog is about meeting the people behind the blogs I visit most, and networking amongst people who write blogs in a similar vein as mine. 4 quick tips to networking on MyBlogLog: 1. Visit the profiles of people who view your profile and friend those who blog within your areas of interest. Leave them a comment. 2. Respond to each and every comment, regardless of content. 3. Add blogs to your community. 4. Review the MyBlogLog widget at your favorite blogs and view the profiles of other visitors to those blogs to introduce yourself to new people.

    My tip is: I check the myBlogLog widget on our blog daily for new visitors. Anyone who is not already a contact through MyBlogLog, I will add. All the best, John Ebbert

    I did a post about MyBlogLog a few weeks a go, maybe you’ll find anything usefull there? Here’s the link. (list paraphrased by Lee)

    • Sign up and edit your profile
    • Get to know the community and it’s members
    • Interact – friend others with similar interests and comment
    • Use the MBL stats tracking code
    • Per persistent about growing your community and joining others

    TheMadHat MyBlogLog Tip – Only add contacts in your industry, otherwise it gets out of control with all the spam. Friends don’t spam friends (normally) 🙂

    First we do the basics: harvest new visitor’s myBlogLog usernames, their blog URL, the communities visitors’ belong to, and always leave our badge behind on their blog as a “thank you” for the traffic. We’ve made long term friends by this method. We also use the message features to contact friends, recommend pages, and learn more about friends we have in other communities like SU.

    Even though I can get outbound click data from Google Analytics, I tend to login to MyBlogLog to see daily trends on visitors and exit destinations.

    I also like to use the community message feature from time to time that allows you to send a single private message to all of the members of your community. In our case, that’s over 1500 people. Adding the MyBlogLog widget to a blog provides instant feedback to readers, who’s reading. While that’s based on readers being logged into MyBlogLog, it still gives an indication of participation. As Marty mentions above, MBL is also useful for connecting with people that are also connected on other social media platforms.

    I think that’s the most fulfilling and productive way to be involved with social communities when you have business goals in mind: The communities work together and as a whole, you’ll see more of the kind of involvement with what you’re interested in sharing with others than if you approach each social community as some kind of traffic generating silver bullet.

    Do you have tips for using MyBlogLog? We’d love to read them, so please share in the comments.

    This is the first of about 10 posts we’ll publish where the bulk of the recommendations will come from a network within those communities. Some of the tips will come from familar “experts” and some will be gems from people you will likely not know, which is the best part. Posts will be “tips” oriented and we’ll focus on a different social media site each week ranging from MyBlogLog to Flickr, LinkedIn, Facebook, StumbleUpon, YouTube, Yahoo Answers and others.

    Stay tuned to Online Marketing Blog and subscribe if you haven’t already for the next post in our series on sharing tips about social media and communities from community members.

    Additional MyBlogLog tips:

    • Networking with MyBlogLog “Recent Readers” Widget