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Search ComputerBeing in SEO, there are lots of things to consider with a blog to make it more search engine friendly. One of those is the title tags and meta description. I’ve going through a few plugins in the past, but until Clive told me to check out All in One SEO Pack, I didn’t have one that did it all.

At first, I was a little nervous of All in One SEO Pack. The title of the plugin sounded a little egotistical. However, I tried it out and have been very happy with it.

All in One SEO Pack has a few great features. The first is re-arranging the title tags so that the post title comes before the blog name. You can also put in custom title tag templates for the homepage, posts, categories, archives, tag archives, pages and search pages. Or, you can write your own title tags per post.

In the past I used Optimal Title, which was nice, but you couldn’t have custom title tags and you had to modify the template to make the plugin work. It simply just put the post name before the site name. Then I switched to SEO Title tag.

SEO Title Tag is a step up from Optimal Title as you can customize title tags for every post individually. It also has a really nice mass customize area where you can change multiple title tags at once. However, you still have to modify your template to make the plugin work.

With All in One SEO Pack, there is no template modification needed. Just activate the plugin and it works. It’s missing that mass edit mode that SEO Title Tag has, but the additional features make up for that.

Additional features in All in One SEO Pack include meta descriptions, keywords and nofollow tags.

For meta descriptions, I was using an old version of Headspace2 to auto generate them. Now I can get the same functionality without the additional plugin by using All in One SEO Pack. If you’d like, you can also customize your meta descriptions per post.

The nofollow feature is kind of handy. You can check a box to put nofollow tags on all the archives or tag pages or category pages. This can help cut down on repetitive content that’s fed to search engines.

At the moment All in One SEO Pack is my title tag & meta description plugin of the moment. However each plugin author is working hard to out do each other. Even when writing this post I see that Headspace2 has got a lot of new features that sound pretty darn cool. Can it out perform All in One SEO Pack? I’ll have to test it and find out. 🙂

What plugin are you using to create search friendly title tags and other SEO functionality?

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  1. I’m pretty convinced the latest version of HeadSpace will change your mind (if not I’d be interested to know why!)

  2. I am also using the All-in-one SEO pack. It is great. I think that if you use this plugin, there is no reason to use any other plugins for SEO purposes. What do you think? Is the All-in-one missing an SEO tool that you use?

  3. I just read this post over on Search Newz, its good stuff. Right now I’m using a few different plugins that this All in One seems to do. I’m excited to try it out on a new blog.

  4. I just started using this on one of my blogs and am very happy with it. Thanks for the post!