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Are Your Landing Pages Lean, Mean Conversion Machines?

According to ComScore, more than $9.3 billion has been spent online during the season-to-date, marking a 17-percent gain versus the corresponding days last year. Online retail spending was strong on both Thanksgiving Day (up 29 percent to $272 million) and “Black Friday” (up 22 percent to $531 million), outpacing the season-to-date growth rate.

With all that holiday spending online, ecommerce web sites had better make sure their landing pages are lean, mean converting machines. That’s why it may make sense to attend an upcoming teleseminar from Marketing Sherpa and Marketo (a M&O client) on  Wednesday, December 12, 2007, 2-3pm Eastern, 11-12pm Pacific “New Research: Practical Tips on How to Lift Conversion Response” on landing page best practices. The event is free and you can sign up here.

Many of the examples and best practices will be based on Marketing Sherpa’s new Landing Page Handbook covering the various types of landing pages, example creative that works and doesn’t as well as how to justify budeting for analytics and testing. Discussion will include Stefan Tornquist, Research Director at MarketingSherpa and Jon Miller, VP Marketing at Marketo. Details and registration info here.

You may also be interested in Jon Miller’s guest post on the topic, “Ten Tips for Lead Generation Landing Pages“.

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  1. Hey, xmas is around the corner, time to up affiliate sales to cater xmas rush!

  2. Hi Lee – I was on that conference call when your bike was stolen along with Sarah from The Buyer Group, great job at going with the flow! I will be at PubCon and would love to get together with you and share some strategies.


  3. Hi Lisa, we can visit after the PR panel or after the blogger/reporter panel. Look forward to meeting you.

  4. I am always open for tips on higher Conversions!

    Wednesday, December 12, 2007, 2-3pm Eastern, 11-12pm Pacific ? I’m there!

  5. Landing pages are an odd subject, because the more I look online, the less landing pages I actually follow through on. Meaning I click on sponsored links to get somewhere, and they lead me to disappointing pages with nothing more than text and a few images that make me want to laugh.

  6. Sir jorge,

    I know what you mean about landing pages. Conversion rates for them tend to be in the single digits, with an average of 2.5%. That is what we recommend and create multistep landing experiences instead. Multipage landing experiences present respondents with a few simple choices to make depending on who they are and what they are looking for, and each subsequent page they land on delivers more tailored and specific pitch and information. And we’ve seen conversion rates for landing experiences be anywhere from 2-10x higher than they are for landing pages. If you have time, check out our blog at http://www.nomorelandingpages.com


  7. Thanks for telling your readers about the teleseminar, Lee. For those who missed it, I posted a link to the archive on our blog, Modern B2B Marketing, at http://blog.marketo.com/blog/2007/12/landing-page-te.html.


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