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Bulldog Reporter Advanced PR Technology in Practice

The Bulldog Reporter Advanced PR Technology in Practice in San Francisco wrapped up and here are a few photos. One thing is for sure, I need to buy a new camera. Another thing is that the event started out with lots of conversation about using SEO to drive “pull” PR efforts and ended heavy on the social media. It was a great match for TopRank: SEO and social media for public relations.

Advanced PR Technology in Practice
A modest sized audience, but engaged and plenty of questions.

Jim Sinkinson, Publisher Bulldog Reporter
Jim Sinkinson, Publisher of Bulldog Reporter

Lee Odden
One of my presentations: “Optimizing Press Releases for Search Engines (SEO) and Using RSS to Distribute Releases”.

Bill Barnes Enquiro
My co-panelist Bill Barnes of Enquiro on our panel about driving traffic to corporate web sites and optimizing PR content.

Barry Parr JupiterResearch
Keynote speaker, Barry Parr of JupiterResearch talked about how social media is transforming corporate communications.

Niki Dugan Yahoo
Niki Dugan from Yahoo talking about using video on corporate web sites.

Jeannette Gibson Cisco
Jeannette Gibson from Cisco also talked about using video on corporate web sites, but more from a BtoB perspective.

Peter Hirshberg Technorati
Peter Hirschberg, CMO for Technorati talks about “Monitoring Material Published in the Blogosphere and Developing Positive Relationships with Top Bloggers”

Brian Solis
Brian Solis of Futureworks talks about social media strategy.

There are many more photos on the Advanced PR Technology San Francisco Flickr set.

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  1. Thanks for the coverage and insight Lee.

  2. Lee, thanks for including me in the post. It was great to finally meet you in person. I was hoping to find you afterward to buy you a drink and catch up!

  3. Hey Brian, great meeting you too and you did a fine job with your presentation in setting realistic expectations. It was refreshing. I was hoping to connect as well, but had to go. Perhaps at the next one?

  4. Thanks Lee! Yes, next time. Looking forward to it.