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Google: “You are not getting the option to cancel your account”

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I recently discovered a test AdWords account setup by an ex-staffer and while there was never any activity, it didn’t make sense to keep the AdWords or User account live since it would never be used. A cancel request was sent to Google and this was the response:

“Thank you for your email. I am sorry to hear that you want to cancel your AdWords account. After reviewing your account, I see that you have not submitted your billing information, so your account was never activated. Therefore, you are not getting the option to cancel your account.”

You’d think it would take as much time to just delete as it did to “review” the account and write the email saying “no”. I am curious what the policies are with other search engines that offer paid search advertising? If someone creates an account and then decides not to use it, do they say “no” when the customer asks to cancel?

Obviously this isn’t an AOL sort of situation but it seems a little silly to deny a cancel request, doesn’t it?

UPDATE: Today I received this automated email to the email address of the the account that cannot be cancelled. LOL.

We’re writing because we noticed that you recently cancelled your Google Account associated with your AdWords account. When you cancel your Google Account, you also cancel other Google services tied to your Google Account, including AdWords.

If you did not intend to cancel your AdWords account, please reply to his email. We will then send you a link to create or choose a Google Account to use with AdWords. This will enable you to log back into AdWords and restore your account. (because the link actually lets you straight into AdWords, and in AdWords you restore the account)

If you did intend to cancel your AdWords account, simply do nothing. We’ll cancel your Google Account and related AdWords account shortly. At that time, your ads will stop accruing charges.

Maybe the AdWords and the Google Accounts user profile systems should be talking? 🙂

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  1. The other side:

    I recently tried to create an account in Adsense. My website was declined. Now I can’t try with another website because “this Google Account is already in use”. It is used by declined Adsense account! I am enforced to create a second Google Account. Thanks God, I am not required to get another name! 🙂

  2. Google is not alone… This kind of stuff happens all the time. It should not be a surprise that Google makes such blunders. The bigger a company gets the more this kind of thing happens.

  3. Hi,
    I have had a few google accouunts and they are more trouble than any others that I have. They don’t let you delete all the files from your computer. They also make you use gmail. I will not use any of google’s programs

  4. eventful.com alsovdoesnt allow you to cancel accounts either. They will keep your email address forever.

  5. OMG that is so funny! I never thought I would see something like that. I like the part where it says, “simply do nothing”, if you really wanted to close your account. Well, that was simple enough, eh? 🙂

  6. Sad as it is, I can’t count the number of times that this has happened to me when signing up for just about anything on the web.

    I sign up for an account.
    I use the wrong username or simply don’t want an account.
    I go to delete it.
    I get told that I can’t.

    So, I can either get a time machine and prevent this from happening or get a job at Google washing windows or something, and then hack my way into the system using a combination of my security access and a squeegee. Schweet.

  7. I can see the extra checks when deleting, but saying no seems weird. Not synching bewteen the overall Google accounts system and individual services like AdWords seems like it could cause customer communication issue. However it must not or you’d see more people drawing attention to it. The reason I put up this post was I thought it funny/strange to ask to cancel and then be told no.

  8. That’s funny..

    Maybe someone came in behind the guy who replied first and told him he was an idiot, then cancelled it for you. 😛

  9. I had an Adwords account that google refused to cancel. They told me they don’t cancel accounts and they keep the data on their servers forever. Something about keeping the historical CTR on keywords forever.

  10. I looked for what seemed to be forever how to cancel our account. My account is now “paused.” I guess as long as they’re not billing me I’ll be ok. I found this to be a very strange business practice!

  11. I need help. Google adwords is taking money out of my account. My account is not activite, but they are taking my money. I don’t know what to do. I am think about cancelling my credit card and my bank account. They are taking 50.00 dollars out every month. This is the second month. SOmeone help, what should I do. I can’t call. Please write me [email protected] thanks.