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Raise Conversions By 55% Or More


Raise conversions by 55% you say? That’s what Marketing Sherpa says in the promo copy for their new Landing Page Handbook. One of the most popular posts we’ve ever had on Online Marketing Blog was the 10 Landing Page Tips by Jon Miller of Marketo. That’s why I think this new report from Marketing Sherpa may be of interest.

You can spend a lot of time testing and fine tuning landing pages on your own from scratch, but in many cases, it makes a lot of sense to get a bit of a head start. This guide is about both the art and science of landing page creation and optimization.

The nuts and bolts of the Landing Page Handbook includes advice on page design, copy writing, tip on getting conversions via search, email, B-to-B, ecommerce and blogs plus over 100 landing page examples. There’s also research data from the Sherpa “Marketers Study” and their “Observational Study” revealing best practices and current tactics. It’s pretty much the “Landing Page Bible” when it comes to improving conversions and is no doubt timely with the holiday season fast approaching.

Of course, this is just my opinion so I am curious what others think of the guide. Please share in the comments.

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  1. I have the 2005 version of this and it has a wealth of good information. Thanks for telling me that this version was released! I’m looking forward to reading the updates and checking out the new Search Marketing Guide (also an amazing reference). The good people at MarketingSherpa are working hard!

    Marketing Experiments has a lot of great materials also if anyone is looking for more guidance on landing page optimization. Tons of free webinars too, although they seem to focus on smaller businesses.

    Billy Shih
    Optimization Analyst

  2. This handbook is everything it is cracked up to be. I have started implementing what it suggests and we’re getting better conversions already. Great stuff.